Polish designer uses kitschy colours as commentary on current trends

Sypialnia, the first project from the “Pastel Collection” consists of four restaurant interiors, each in a different pastel colour designed by Karina Wiciak for Wamhouse.

In addition to the restaurant interiors, it also combined the furniture and fittings, which in part is interconnected to the previous collection, “XII”.

Much like in “XII” the interiors are not made to a specific order but in contrast based on the designer’s fantasy and fascinations, creating a blend between interiors, architecture and scenography.

The first part of the collection is designed in a sweet pink colour commonly associated with the kitschy bedrooms of little girls. Sypialinia means “bedroom” in Polish.

Wiciak used this colour deliberately to undermine the idea of what is fashionable and popular in today’s time.

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