Philips launches DimTone to Middle East hospitality industry

Philips launches DimTone to Middle East hospitality industry

DimTone, Philips

Philips has launched a 7W GU10 Master LED lamp with DimTone to the Middle East, to create a warm atmosphere in bars, restaurants, lobbies and conference rooms.

The product has a dimming feature that reduces the amount of light and colour temperature.

With 24/7 operations, the hospitality industry is a sector with significant potential to make large energy savings. Lighting is one of the most impactful ways to do this – currently 42% of energy usage comes from lighting, of which 70% is inefficient.

Philips’ 7W GU10 Master LED lamp with DimTone has already been introduced in the Spar Hotel in Gothenburg, Sweden – replacing 130 50W Halogen GU10 lamps in the breakfast area of the hotel, reducing the cost of lighting this area by 82% with a pay-back of one and half years based on 12 burning hours a day.

“In the current economic climate, hospitality managers are under pressure to cut costs without compromising on their guests’ experience,” said Paolo Cervini, GM, Philips Lighting Middle East & Turkey.



“The 7W Master GU10 LED Lamp with DimTone offers hoteliers, bars and restaurant owners a light quality that is both soft and warm to create a natural and cozy ambience, while benefitting from the long life span and energy-saving features offered by LED technology.

In addition, the lamp has a significantly longer life span than traditional lights, lasting 40,000 hours in comparison to a halogen lamp’s 2000 hours lifespan, reducing the need to replace spot lights, lowering maintenance costs.

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