Philippe Starck designs Cape Cod range for Duravit

DesigMENA attended the Duravit Design Days 2015 in Germany’s Black Forest to view the latest of the firm’s collections. Philippe Starck’s Cape Cod range was at the top of the list. 

Located in New England on the east coast of the USA, Cape Cod’s sandy beaches and stretch of crystal-clear water and untamed nature was the inspiration behind  designer Philippe Starck’s latest collection for Duravit.

The French designer’s goal was to reinvent the bathroom by removing the barriers between nature and the indoors, where nature becomes a permanent part of the bathroom. This reinvented bathroom space allows for rejuvenation and refreshment with aesthetically appealing materials and natural forms.

The collection features ceramic wash bowls with distinctively thin edges, a range of bathtubs and bathroom furniture that can be combined as one desires.

The collection is captivating not only for it’s standout design but mainly for its authentic materials featuring real solid wood and an innovative ceramic formula that allows for especially thin and delicate wash bowls, available in three different shapes: round, square and tri-oval.

Supporting the wash basins are the timelessly modern consoles that make a clever use of the contrast between the floor-standing frame available in cool, smooth chrome and four exclusive wood finishes including Vintage Oak, American Walnut, European Oak and White Beech.

The Vintage Oak is most appealing for its irregular wooden edges that is reminiscent of a ship’s plank that has been withered by storms and washed ashore.

The minimalist rectangular mirrors can be combined with LED illumination.

Lastly, Cape Cod includes relaxation-driven bathtubs, with a gently shaped headrest. The tub has been designed as a monolith and produced with the new DuraSolid A, which offers a warm feel and high-quality matte appearance. It is available as both a free-standing tub as well as a back-to-wall and corner version for left and right.

As a special feature, the bathtub can also be integrated with a discreet air whirl system or a sound system that is operated using Bluetooth compatible devices.





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