Philippe Grohe and Antonio Citterio unveil Axor Citterio E collection in Milan

Last week, DesignMENA visited Milan to view the latest collaboration between Hansgrohe’s luxury design brand, Axor and Italian designer and architect, Antonio Citterio at the firm’s Italian showroom on Via Durini 15.

The new collection, entitled Axor Citterio E, starts off where the last collection, Axor Citterio M left off, combining the importance of elegance, quality and worth.

“Our successful partnership with Antonio Citterio began 14 years ago, said Philippe Grohe, head of Axor. “The success story that began with the Axor Citterio collection is continually evolving. Axor Citterio E is a charming combination of modern and classical features- elegant and timeless products of the highest quality that not only enhance the bathroom as a whole, but also our experience with the element of water.”

He went on to say that the new collection really focuses on the idea of value and worth, and added that “Antonio is the best designer to work in value”, explaining that when creating the collection, “we added the best value of Citterio M and put it all into one mixer”.

Grohe said that with this new collection, they used the model of the former one and “cleaned it up” so only the essentials remained.

One of the greatest accomplishment of Axor Citterio E, Grohe said is the “different elements of design” combined into a single mixer. “This I think is a big challenge,” he commented, demonstrating the areas of smoothness and curvature contrasting with hard, straight lines that creates the signature look of the mixers.

Speaking of the various finishes, Citterio commented: “The different finishes really allows one to be able to create some segmentation in the market when it comes to the different regions. I think the darker coloured ones would be more interesting to the Middle East market.”

He added that with the new collection, “it is very easy to understand the functions and you have a very good perception of value and in the Middle East, people really admire these perceptions of value as the market’s tastes are becoming more sophisticated.”

Citterio continued: “The result of this most recent collaboration is the ‘essence of luxury’. The products are not only characterised by flexible implementation, but also by exceptional ease of use and a pleasant touch and feel.”

The fixtures in the collection possess a balance of smooth shapes, clean lines and a precious surfaces with soft and slender mixer handles characterising the entire collection’s design. The 37 products that are part of the collection create a harmonious aesthetic and can be used in a variety of styles, from art nouveau to a more modern look.

Easy volume and temperature control is also an important feature in the new collection, from washbasin to bathtub and show mixers.

Axor states that “the various handles of the thermostat modules allow the user to intuitively grasp their functions: the cross-handle controls water volume and the cylindrical thermostat handle controls the temperature.In hotel bathrooms, a two-way diverter clearly indicates which shower head is currently in use.”

In addition to the Axor Citterio E range, Axor also launched its accessories line also designed by Antonio Citterio called the Axor Universal Accessories that complement the designer’s latest collection.

Axor will be exhibiting its collections in Dubai in October at Downtown Design.

You can also view our Facebook album for images of the collection launch.




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