Objects of Desire CID 2016: Maliha Nishat picks 10 objects she would use for a high-end luxury hotel project

Objects of Desire CID 2016: Maliha Nishat picks 10 objects she would use for a high-end luxury hotel project

Objects of Desire Volume VI – design professionals choose their favourite products for specific projects. Today, Maliha Nishat, design director at dwp and CID Interior Designer of the Year 2015, chooses her favourite pieces the book she would use for a high-end luxury hotel project.

Objects of Desire series of books should be a part of every designer’s collection,” says Nishat. “Not only is it an informative, worldly collection of 100 of the most desired objects this year, but also a beautiful book for the coffee table. Flipping through the pages, I am impressed by the collection and diversity of products, and this will be my go-to guide for all things cool. Some extremely fun pieces that I do hope to use one day if  a like-minded client comes my way, and some beautiful pieces that are already favourite go-to staples. I am also super impressed by the diversity of designers in this book, some from the emirates. It goes to show we’ve got some exceptional talent right here in the UAE.”

1. Tango Light, Paul Matter

I love the form, versatility and functionality of this pendant light. Would make a perfect feature light if placed in clusters in a trendy F&B venue.

2. Dekton X gloss Solid Surface, Cosentino

I am a huge fan of Dekton and often specify their range of projects. The X Gloss solid surface is brilliant and brings a level of shine to solid surfaces that I have not seen before. Its an easy to clean, easy to maintain, versatile product that can be moulded into all kinds of forms. Love it!

3. Mimicry, Jean-Marie Massaud

This faucet is beautiful and would bring life to any bathroom. The simplicity in form and harmonious materials almost have a sense of serenity.

4. Meshmatics Chandelier, Rick Telegaar

I am always on the look-out for striking light fittings that hold their own in a space. This light fitting not only generates interest in the layers within but also with its play on light and shadow creating dramatic patterns on all surfaces it reflects against. I would use this in food and beverage venue or cluster them in a lobby space.

5. Wireflow, Arik Levy

My current favourite light fitting. The simplicity of form is effortless, yet it becomes a defining piece in any environment. I’ve specified this in a recent project and it really does make the space.

6. Kanban, Andrea Ponti

I lived in Hong Kong for a short while and always appreciated the industrial converted warehouses and factories. I have a fascination with the juxtaposition of raw materials mixed with refined materials such as concrete and metal. The form and dynamic proportions of this table is perfection.

7. Monster Chair, Marcel Wander

I am a huge Marcel Wanders fan and love his quirky take on everything he touches. He brings his sophisticated sense of humour into his pieces and he inspires me to no end. The monster chair is refined and elegant with a twist. I would love these as dining chairs in my own home.

8. Wes Lounge, Tom Fereday

I love the refined, retro look of the Wes Lounge range. They encompass comfort with an element of playfulness. The soft pastel palette of the range is exceptional.

9. Benben, Jacco Maris

As a designer, one truly appreciates the thought process behind pieces such as these. Reincarnating age old turned balustrades or furniture elements and bringing new life to them is exceptional in this light fitting. The soft pastels are lovely and would work very well as a cluster in an F&B venue or a boutique hotel.

10. Misnad, Aljoud Lootah

I am waiting for the perfect project to use this rug. It is a perfect blend of contemporary form and tradition and I am especially impressed that this is a product of a designer in the UAE.




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