Objects of Desire CID 2016: Jonathan Ashmore picks 10 objects he would use for a F&B project

Objects of Desire CID 2016: Jonathan Ashmore picks 10 objects he would use for a F&B project

Objects of Desire Volume VI – design professionals choose their favourite products for specific projects. Today, Jonathan Ashmore, founder and director of Anarchitect, chooses his favourite objects from the book he would use for a food and beverage project.

“Restaurants and bars are all about experience,” says Ashmore. “It is important that design, detail and materiality flows from the architecture, through the interior down to the furniture and lighting, to complete the full story and create a space that totally immerses you into that experience.”

  1. Tango Light by Paul Matter 
  • Light plays a crucial role in the design of restaurant and bar spaces. Restaurants need contrast and warmth from their lighting to create different ambience. The Tango emits a soft glow, is elegant in form and remains functional and flexible with the adjustable arms to direct light onto table surfaces.
  1. Dekton x Gloss Solid Surface, Cosentino 
  • Restaurant surfaces need to be robust, durable and above all, dramatic. Dekton’s Gloss solid surface is available in large format and can withstand heavy use without loosing is original qualities
  1. Ico Chair, Ora Ito 
  • A contemporary classic silhouette crafted from solid wood and upholstered with intricate leather coachwork. Comfort, quality, and timeless form are three important elements for restaurant and bar seating
  1. Unfolding Unity Stool, Aljoud Lootah 
  • Crafted from Carrara marble, the stool embodies a delicate balance between intricate geometry and material solidity. Being a contextual piece locally designed and made is an important quality we look for when selecting key pieces for projects so that the spaces they a placed in remain relevant and connected to their environment and culture.

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 5. Kub, Victor Vasilev 

  • Restrooms are often the talking point of many of the best design restaurants and bars from across the globe. The Kub is a modern piece that elevates the simple task of washing your hands
  1. Kanban, Andrea Ponti 

  • The contrast of the heavy concrete base and the precisely machined metal table top make this a suitable and desirable table to sit alongside a classic weathered sofa in any restaurant lounge or bar.
  1. Coat Frame, Sebastian Jorgensen

  • A playful and functional piece to hang your jacket or jumper. A simple but clever idea encourages people to interact with a design which can only be a good thing.
  1. Beaubien, Lambert & Fils Page 

  • This piece successfully merges both Art and Design. Functional and wall mounted, the light object could become a focal piece at the end of a corridor or vista to draw you closer. In parallel, when you are close, the piece is elegantly crafted from powder-coated steel and brushed brass detail to remain a timeless piece that gets better with age.
  1. Magistral Cabinet, Sebastian Errazuriz 
  • Being public spaces, it is always a consideration of ours to select one key piece for a restaurant or bar if the concept requires it. A piece like the Magistral Cabinet would be placed and carefully lit at a focal point within the project or sometimes discreetly hidden to create an unexpected encounter to add intrigue to the journey and narrative of an F&B project.
  1. Caruso, Paolo Cappello 
  • We enjoy the juxtaposition of mechanical vs digital in this piece which pays homage to the classical shape of the gramophone. We would select the walnut and black-powder-coated version and consider a piece like this important in a restaurant or bar project  to create atmosphere and ambience through music  which helps to loosen social interaction and encourage relaxation to contribute to the overall experience of our F&B designed spaces.


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