New products on the market: September

New products on the market: September

Product design


Zippo is a one-or two- seat upholstered sofa conceived for office environments. I can provide a niche of privacy or a perfect place for a meeting, working on a computer or talking on the phone. The height of 1,400mm and structure of the side and back guarantee good soundproofing. The seat is made of fire retardant injected foam with variable density. Along the perimeter runs a zip that outlines its shape, so as to define its name. It can be covered with fabric or semi-leather.

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Dutch designer Piet Boon presents a modern interpretation of Japanese Washi paper. WashiWashi is a traditional handmade paper, with rich history dating back to 610AD. Though the paper nowadays enjoys a contemporary following and is used for different purposes, it still holds the same characteristics of strength, durability, lightness, warmth and flexibility as the traditional version. Impressed by the paper’s characteristics, versatility and beauty, Boon used it as an inspiration for the new wallpaper design.

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Described as the evolution of an everyday object, Tiptoed table is the latest furniture piece designed by Italian architect Fabio Novembre. This unusual table is hewn from solid oak wood and the legs are made from a single block of cedar. The work was possible through the use of the latest machinery and the legs, gracefully evolving into those of a ballerina, were then polished by hand. For the finish, Novembre used white paint.

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Chicago-based company Gramovox introduces the Floating Record, a high-performance turntable that plays records vertically through built-in and full-range stereo speakers. Gramovox’s design philosophy is to reimagine vintage audio design with modern technology. The Floating Record allows its users to showcase vinyl while maintaining the illusion that the disk is floating. The goal of the designers was to create something new out of something old, and be able to showcase the records as art.

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Designed by studio Hierve, Pie Chart is creative modular side or coffee table system that can be built up from four different units — a quarter circle, a half circle, a three-quarter circle and a full circle. Each unit comes either as a table option or a container option. The system is made entirely in solid wood, except the curved sections of the containers, which are plywood. The different modules are all compatible and can be combined together — making almost endless configurations. It’s simple, playful and highly versatile. Available in a choice of solid and stained woods.

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The Mandarine armchair marries retro style with modern accents. Contrasting with the solid walnut wood frame, the shell is fully upholstered with seams creating a squared pattern. Designed by Claudia and Harry Washington, from El Salvador, Mandarine shows their creative flair and deep consideration for comfort and functional use. The result is an understated yet eye-catching chair.

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‘Colour explosion’ was the first thought of own creator Marco Sousa who found inspiration for this cabinet in vibrant and colourful Portobello Road markets in Notting Hill. Manufactured in wood and covered with colourfully lacquered finished in high gloss and with a fabric interior, this cabinet was designed to reveal the purity of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea neighbourhood.

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The Fitz table lamp is the newest addition to the lighting products designed by Italian lighting house, Fabas Luce. The three metal parts, attached together with a hinge, create a product that is suitable for the home or office. This LED luminaire has a simple and pure design, which combines with highperformance lighting.

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Benjamin Hubert designed this armchair for Poltrona Frau as a part of limited edition collection to represent its 100-year-old history and future. The brief was to utilise traditional upholstery techniques under the theme ‘a chair to spend time in’. Hubert named his chair Juliet, which is inspired by the Italian renaissance fashion detail the ‘Juliet sleeve’ that tightly fits the arm and has a large deconstructed ‘puff’ on the shoulder. This was used for the design of the chair’s leather upholstery. The outside of the chair utilises the flexibility and tensile strength of leather to describe a fluted traditional timber frame work where the shape of the timber can clearly be seen through the tight leather covering. The shape of the sitting area is ‘wide screen’ to allow the user to sit in multiple positions in line with how people really use and misuse furniture.

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