New products on the market: March 2018

New products on the market: March 2018

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Here is a list of Commercial Interior Design’s selection of the top new products in the market.

Silq by Steelcase

The newly-launched Silq is a revolutionary new task chair by Steelcase. It particularly stands out because it offers only one lever to change the chair’s height. It’s designed to suit contemporary work styles, keeping in mind that you’re less likely to sit at an assigned desk all day. The adjustments happen automatically when you sit in the chair. Once it feels the weight, the seat moves forward just enough to provide optimum back support. Upon lowering the height, the chair changes shape to adjust to the lower center of gravity.

Given the adaptable functions, its silhouette is incredibly simple – featuring just a few curves, a sliding steel truss under the seat, in addition to the single height adjustment lever.

“Task chairs can have 200 parts. This one has 30-ish,” says Steelcase vice president of global design and engineering James Ludwig, who designed the chair using innovative polymer material and a patent-pending process. This material allows Silq to respond to natural movements of the human body without the mechanisms typically required in high-performance seating designed for the workplace. The result is a chair that behaves more like an organism than a machine – a new archetype in office seating.

The team first created a premium version of Silq in carbon fibre. But they knew they needed to innovate further to reach every audience. They continued prototyping and invented a new material and manufacturing process resulting in a high-performance polymer that mimics carbon fibre.

Elevate by Intermetal

Research has shown that employees who adopt a sit and stand approach throughout the day have improved concentration and productivity. Equipped with power, data access and wire management system, Elevate is a workstation, which offers quiet, effortless height adjustment to meet individual working styles throughout the day. This product is designed to allow the user to change positions and helps promote an active and healthier workplace.

Dune by Offect

Designed by pioneering Swedish design studio Front, Dune has been designed in response to the constantly changing needs of our workplaces and public spaces. It has been specifically designed for areas where the need for informal meetings intersects with the demand for relaxed seating for multiple people.

After having been launched at the Salone del Mobile in Milan in 2017, and then showcased at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair last month, it is now available to buy from the Swedish furniture maker.

Traverse by Okamura

Conference rooms in modern workplaces are being challenged with shrinking size as well as the need to adapt to evolving technologies. Traverse is a collection of two conference tables defined by narrow contours that broaden office space, bringing people together. The table top, a reflection of flawless Japanese craftsmanship, is incredibly thin, less than 1” at its thickest point and tapering to a knife edge. With a span of up to 20 feet long, the top creates the effect of a hovering plane, in a rectangle, boat or oval shape. Designed by HOK Product Design for Okamura, Traverse tables are available in the UAE through OFIS.;

Alphabeta by Hem

Italian designer Nuca Nichetto has designed the Alphabeta Floor Lamp for Swedish company Hem. Like the pendant version, the floor lamp can be customised combining both the top and bottom shades from a choice of eight shapes and various colours, including black and white. As a result, 24 different configurations can be created. With a support structure in steel and an extendable arm, as well as the possibility to modify the direction of the lamps, Alphabeta can provide bi-directional lighting that brightens spaces both above and below.

Gabrielle by Kasthall Design Studio

Gabrielle rug, by Kasthall Design Studio, is part of the company’s 2018 collection based on the theme – Legacy of Tomorrow. The designers working on the collection developed new yarn qualities and novel weaving and tufting techniques, drawing inspiration from vintage textiles and embroidery. The woven-boucle rug is made of linen mixed with wool yarn. Visible warp threads create irregular vertical stripes giving a sense of asymmetry. It was also designed with accent colours that adorn the surface in the form of thin lines. The colours were selected to provide a contrast and strengthen the playfulness in the structure and criss-cross pattern of the rug.

Fabrique by Listone Giordano

British designer Marc Sadler has created Italian firm Listone Giordano’s new Natural Genius collection: Fabrique. Innovative surface treatments, in terms of both colour and the brushed finish technique, give the material a new and fascinating personality. The birch plywood retains a soft quality and makes any space look dynamic. The products are made using a special technology which highlights the special multilayer birch support, making the hardwood floor more stable and long lasting.

Stilk by Northern

Designed to complement lounge-like and laid-back interior spaces, the Stilk table series by Norwegian company Northern, who debuted its furniture collection at Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair this year, is simplicity at its best. The tables provide smooth surfaces at just the right heights. The tabletops are available in three different sizes to combine with leg sets made in a choice of heights, offering nine different versions to choose from. Manufactured in matt black, the products fit into any colour scheme.

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