New products on the market: August


After months of designing, experimenting and testing, Acoustic Factory created the Greenwall 2.0, the first natural green wall with actual acoustic absorption. The Greenwall is maintenance free, easy to install and everyone can personally design their own solution by combining three different moss panels. The moss panels (80 x 80 cm) each have an MDF base with a 60mm acoustic layer of natural fibres. This layer is finished with the real mosses, each of which are glued to the natural fibres.

TEL: +31 88 012 0400


The Bole, designed by Tania da Cruz, is both a stool and side table in one, made out of expanded cork, which has minimum impact on the environment. Expanded cork is 100% natural and recyclable, has good acoustic and isolating qualities and is lightweight. Cork is an eco-friendly solution for furniture production. It is possible to strip cork trees every nine years. The cork will grow back on the trees, which will live for approximately 100 years. In the expanding process the cork becomes more voluminous , meaning less cork is required to be used.

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Influenced by the symmetrical shapes typically found in deco-inspired architecture, the Marquee collection by Stacy Garcia highlights hard-edged and geometric shapes with a range of distinctive designs that embrace a cosmopolitan chic. Available in 35 patterns, Marquee spans from rich teals and blues to deep golds and greys.

TEL: 1-888-740-6936


After the success he achieved with his IC Lights family, London designer Michael Anastassiades finds further inspiration in the sphere and creates Copycat, now available at Flos stores. A table lamp providing diffused light, Copycat is made of two touching spheres that hold each other up in a subtle balance. The smaller sphere, available in several finishes, such as galvanized 24K gold, polished aluminium, black nickel or copper, hides an LED source that radiates a lighting beam inside the glass sphere, thus delivering a smooth and uniform light.

TEL: +39 030 243 81

The Unforgotten

Designed by Australian designer and artist Penelope Forlano, the Unforgotten table is a furniture piece that challenges conventional furniture design as purely functional and mass-produced impersonal work that once old is discarded or loses value. The Unforgotten table is however as functional as it is meaningful and built to age well.

“Reflecting my doctoral research into how we create and maintain a strong attachment to objects over time, the Unforgotten is actually an assemblage of memory, time and history through digital fabrication. This furniture is conceived as a future family heirloom. It is about remembrance and family and is custom-designed for each individual. The customised engravings reflect meaningful family possessions, stories, events and places. For this client, the engravings are replicated from disparate objects kept hidden for over 60 years in a small box so as not to be damaged through the passage of time. Hand-made silk lace, hand-written poetry and hand-drawn diagrams of embroidery yet to be completed are engraved onto the surface. Now visible and textured, these engraved representations allow the precious objects to be effectively seen and touched every day, without fear of damage to the original,” explains Forlano.

TEL: +61 423 006 062


Artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz continues his investigation within the boundaries of art and design. The Magistral Chest, made out of bamboo and hardwood maple, slides open to reveal its hidden interiors designed to contain personal valuables. More than 10.000 corn dog skewers conform the outer shell, which when closed resembles a sea urchin. The chest looks like it cannot be opened, thus protects its interiors from the interest of external viewers.

The skewers took a team of four people over five weeks to fit in place, finishing the 16 weeks of total woodwork required to fabricate the piece. Including the sketching, development and final blueprints, Errazuriz calculates the whole project took almost eight months. The Magistral Chest was presented at Cristina Grajales Gallery as part of a series of different cabinets.


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