Nendo creates “library” layout for organic cosmetics store

Japanese studio Nendo has created a cosmetics store where the products are arranged on bookshelves like a library.

The store is located on alley behind Aoyama Street- Tokyo’s top shopping destination, where it occupies a small Beauty Library boutique space on the ground floor with a fully glazed shopfront.

“For a woman to enhance her beauty, a close linkage between inner and outer body care is required. We therefore designed a service and space based on a concept that fuses to the maximum the features of cosmetics with food and drink,” the studio explained.

“One is able to leaf through information on various products using a tablet and casually try out every single product in the store as if ordering a beverage, while enjoying your drink and food that enhances beauty from within.”

QR codes are placed alongside each product, which enables customers to take home the information about that product on mobile device and purchase them online later, so in a way, it is not a store that physically sells cosmetics.

“In addition an “annex” hidden across the courtyard was designed so as not to just function as a café, but as a space that can serve as a party room, and hold small events and workshops,” the studio said.





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