Nada Debs launches new line

Renowned Lebanese interior and furniture designer Nada Debs has launched a new range of furniture designs called Draw the Line.

“The new range came from the idea that I wanted to apply the Mother of Pearl inlay craft in a more contemporary way rather than using it to create arabesque patterns,” said Debs.

The new range includes benches, cupboards, chests of drawers, and side tables. In addition to the furniture range is a series of accessories which include boxes for storing various belongings from tissue to jewelry.

The concept behind Debs’ Draw the Line series is that it symbolises a line drawn by Debs between the way she approached design and work in the past and the way she views it now. She adds: “The design involves lines of Mother of Pearl spread across the piece, as if I was ‘drawing’ the lines.

“It is more contemporary in its look. I also wanted to incorporate colour with inlay work rather than just putting it against wood.”

Draw the Line explores a soft colour palette that includes blue teal, dark apple reds as well as soft yellows. The colours manage to be bold and delicate at the same time.

The new range features a number of various furniture pieces that use natural French oak, which according to Debs, was chosen for its linear grain. The designer liked the wooden material as she felt it was more contemporary than the darker wood colours that she had used in the past. The Mother of Pearl inlay is used to signify the point at which the drawers open.

The Lebanese designer is known for fusing Oriental embellishment with Asian minimalism, as her formative years were based in Japan. By living a life marked by dual identities, Debs has been able to establish a creative identity that merges the aesthetics of both varying cultures.

Debs says: “The Japanese aesthetic philosophy of ‘less is more’ or minimalism is still here in the rectilinear lines of the pieces and the Middle Eastern craft of Mother of Pearl is applied intricately in a more subtle and discreet way, which also is a bit Japanese.”

Debs first made a splash in the regional market with her East and East line of home furnishings, which marked the duplications of Easts. The name referred to not only the ‘cool minimalism and restraint of the Japanese aesthetic’ but also the ‘lavish warmth of Arab ornamentation’. With her designs and use of modern materials like acrylic and brushed concrete, Debs was catapulted to the forefront of international design.

Her new styles including the Draw the Line series incorporates more Eastern cultures, like Persian and Indian influences; however, she notes that she will continue to preserve her cultural roots.

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