Middle East launch for waterproof flooring product

Middle East launch for waterproof flooring product

Avant Flooring, a composite laminate, is now available in the Middle East following success across 16 countries internationally.

The flooring, made up of tongue and groove panels, was researched and developed in Germany, and is waterproof, UV and fire resistant, as well as being durable and recyclable.

Its composition allows it to reflect cool air, as opposed to absorbing it, meaning lower air-conditioning costs for homes and business.

The product offers 15 grain and stain options for residential and commercial settings.

Philip Mazloumian, director-international business at Avant Enterprises, said: “We have identified huge demand for high quality flooring in the Middle East. Consumers want flooring that is highly attractive, yet durable and easy to maintain.

“Our uniquely engineered laminate responds to all of these needs. It stands up again the challenges within homes and high foot-fall areas like shopping malls, as well as outdoor areas that are exposed to the elements. It remains visually appealing without the need for polishing or sanding.”

He added that because Avant Flooring is waterproof, the floor will never swell or deform under the influence of extreme humidity or water. It can be placed in damp areas, like bathrooms and kitchens, and around swimming pool.

Avant Flooring comes with a 20-year interior warrantee and is available through Danube and Al Taif, amongst other outlets, across the region.

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