Michael Young designs disco-inspired chair for Gufram

Michael Young designs disco-inspired chair for Gufram

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Inspired by the disco decor and the radical designers of the 1970s, Hong Kong-based designer Michael Young has created Roxanne, a “groovy” seat with ergonomic features.

Created for Gufram, music played a fundamental role in the conception of this sinuous armchair. According to the designer, Roxanne evokes music as well as his passion for Sting and the Police in the 70′s.

Michael Young’s forms have always combined ergonomics with technology, sinuous looks and cutting edge materials.

Roxanne was designed with the aid of a computer program that enabled the designer to build a highly ergonomic and comfortable form.
The extruded form created by Young is realised in polyurethane and then upholstered with cloth: this gives the opportunity to explore infinite colour and pattern variations. The seat is characterised by a groove along the whole perimeter.

Suitable for both residential and public spaces, Roxanne can also be equipped with a spring mechanism that enables it to rotate on itself and go back to the exact starting point once you stop using it.

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