Meet the CID Awards sponsors: Marina Home

The Commercial Interior Design Awards is back for its ninth edition and nominations are still being accepted until the deadline of July 21, 2015. Spanning 16 categories, the CID Awards recognise projects from all over the Middle East and North Africa.

And while your nominations are on their way,  we have gathered the sponsors of the CID Awards to share their expectations, and also to deliver their messages to all of our nominees.

Marina Home – Platinum Sponsor 

Where Diversity Unites – three words that truly define Marina Home’s brand positioning and its distinguished products, which are sourced from over three continents. The Dubai-based home furnishings company that operates across the Middle East markets, North Africa and the Indian subcontinent is once again, for the fourth consecutive year, the Platinum Sponsor of the Commercial Interior Design Awards 2015.

“CID Awards sponsorship confirms our strategy and commitment to the interior design industry. We also believe that our category of business, which is home décor, goes hand in hand with the design industry. Designers will not be able to accomplish their work without the fine pieces of décor that every residential or commercial development requires. We work hand in hand and we believe that we have a role to play, which is supporting the industry as it moves forward,” says Khurshid Vakil, co-founder and executive director of Marina Home. “All the nominees and participants play a major factor in the design landscape shift, which this region has witnessed. They are the creative brains that come forward with designs, often defying convention. We believe that they are the stars who take the design industry forward.”

In addition to the overall CID Awards sponsorship, Marina Home is developing a unique platform for senior design students to display their design vision and challenge their individual talents.

“Whilst the design industry is cultivating much interest, home-grown artists are surfacing from every corner of the region. Marina Home is looking to create a lasting foundation for design graduates to showcase their originality to the design industry and ultimately accelerate their careers.”

At the CID Awards ceremony in September Marina Home will exhibit the shortlisted installations and connect those artists with renowned regional design firms for potential apprenticeship programmes.

Vakil further states that in recent years there has been a great positive change in the region’s design industry, especially in the UAE.

“I think the market and the region has come of age and investors now have a better level of acceptance of design that is not conventional.”

Established in 1997, Marina Home has ambitious plans for further international growth.

“Our merchandise concept is based on cross-cultural influences of the countries that the products are sourced from. We will continue to source designs and raw materials, which best fit our strategy and that are in line with our ethical sourcing policies.

As a brand, our strategy has always been to be different from the others in the market. Our emphasis is on the quality and uniqueness of product design and a certain individuality that our stores present to the customers. This is design in motion and we will continue to move forward in our evolution by creating that unique shopping experience that we want to present to ourcustomers and this will continue year-on-year.”

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