Meet the CID Awards Silver sponsors: SNS Haute Couture and Bradley

Meet the CID Awards Silver sponsors: SNS Haute Couture and Bradley

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SNS Haute Couture

Outdoor and high-end bespoke furniture manufacturer Sun & Shades has recently become the part of the SNS Group, rebranding itself as SNS Haute Couture Company.

“In the new year as a group, we will proceed with our strategy to be close to the most important design and touristic spots in the world, including the establishment of our first US office in Miami.”

The company joins this year’s CID Awards as a Silver sponsor, presenting the new Interior Design of the Year: Outdoor Design award.

Mirko Habek, SNS Group’s managing director.

“The CID Awards is a one-of-a-kind event, which means a lot to both designers and us suppliers. It is great to have an annual event where we can celebrate the designers’ achievements, exchange the experiences, look at the outlooks for next year and simply have a nice dinner together,” says Mirko Habek, SNS Group’s managing director.

Looking back at last year’s projects across the region, Habek says that he’s seen numerous original designs delivered by established, but also some new names in the industry.

“We have seen many great designs this year, and being nominated in such a huge competition is fantastic,” he says.

SNS Haute Couture has recently launched the Comfort couture collection, a fully upholstered furniture range for outdoor use.

“It provides the comfort and look of the indoor furniture, but is designed to withstand the harsh outdoor weather conditions. The feedback from the market is great. We have just recently finished with the refurb of St. Regis in Doha, and people are already enjoying the indoor comfort outdoors,” says Habek.


Bradley Corporation, designer and manufacturer of commercial washroom and emergency safety products, last year opened its office in Dubai, coinciding with the company’s 95 year anniversary.

Mohamed Barakat, international sales manager at Middle East Bradley, says that the CID Awards presents a great opportunity for his company to thank, acknowledge and appreciate everyone’s continued support and hard work during the past years.

“The CID Awards are a prestigious one-of-a-kind event that gathers Bradley’s most important customers and contacts,” says Barakat. “I see this event as the Oscars of building design.”

Mohamed Barakat, international sales manager at Middle East Bradley.

Barakt has been working with interior designers in the UAE on different type of projects for more than a decade.

“The one common challenge that everyone shares is choosing reliable brands and the right products for their projects. There are so many product factors to consider in terms of design, quality, functionality and sustainability. But it is imperative to choose the right brands and products because they allow designers to meet customers’ very high requirements, as well as the codes and standards of the developers and UAE government.”

Bradley’s recent product launches include The Express ELX-Series washbasin, a contemporary alternative to vitreous china sinks and laminate counter tops designed for washrooms.

“Made of Bradley’s Terreon solid surface material, the Express ELX-Series washbasin offers superior durability and is easy to repair. Its contemporary contoured design elevates the look of commercial restrooms while being easy to clean,” he says.

Next year, Bradley will be introducing all-in-one touchless hand-washing technology. Bradley’s Verge and OmniDeck washbasins will soon be available with a new “clean+rinse+dry” functionality housed in a smart WashBar.

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