Meet the CID Awards Gold sponsor: Preciosa

Meet the CID Awards Gold sponsor: Preciosa

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Preciosa, the leading global designer and manufacturer of bespoke decorative lighting installations and chandeliers, is for a seventh year a Gold sponsor of the CID Awards. The company has been working in the UAE design industry for several years through its lighting projects and installations for a variety of clients and often in collaboration with local partner firms.

“Supporting the CID Awards is, therefore, a natural step for Preciosa to take to show the industry and the public its dedication to this market and the future of design in the UAE. It is an excellent opportunity for new clients to get to know the Preciosa brand, what it stands for and the possibilities for collaboration,” says Martin Frýželka, managing director of Preciosa Middle East.

He adds that the demand for unique and often extravagant design is high in the region.

Martin Frýželka, managing director of Preciosa Middle East.

“So is the desire for using the most modern materials, so the challenge is realising the client’s dream as much as practically possible.

“It’s a very exciting time to be working in the UAE because of the openness and desire for unique technological solutions – as technology becomes more and more refined, so too can our designs. We appreciate clients who are willing to try new methods to achieve something individual. It is also an important time for new spaces in the UAE – incorporating atmosphere and a sense of place into these is crucial, and brings a lot of opportunities for creativity, which is very exciting,” he says.

Preciosa produces individual, made-to-measure solutions; one such example is the “Crystal Biosphere” installation.

“It tells and interprets the story of natural life, portraying beauty through the Crystal Tree, the Crystal Field and the Crystal Forest,” Frýželka continues. “All three pieces work individually as well as together and utilise smart and sophisticated technological solutions in combination with the finest cut crystal parts. The installation was created not only for illumination but also for atmosphere. It is one of Preciosa’s most flexible installations, transforming different places of different sizes into a magical place.”

The company also launched a new chandelier in cooperation with renowned designer Frank Tjepkema as a part of its contemporary collection and will further develop its concept of the “Cultivation of Chandeliers”.

“Cultivating chandeliers means, on the one hand, conserving the spirit of the original design and, on the other, redefining and reinterpreting it for a contemporary context,” explains Frýželka.

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