New on the market

New on the market

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New on the market

Picciotto is an original stool with an ivy cap on the top, while the frame is inspired by the south Italy waistcoat. It was created by the Italian designer Fabio Vinella and it joins design and Italian fashion. The word “picciotto” refers to a young Sicilian boy with a coppola hat, the typical south Italy hat, famous worldwide thanks to several Italian movies like Cinema Paradiso. Picciotto has also won an award in the USA Design Competition Accenti d’Italia.

Fabio Vinella
+39 333 891 8957

Allure Brilliant
Allure Brilliant is the new line of faucets from GROHE. With exact edges and cuts, the surface reflects the light. Elongated cubes with chamfered edges rise from every faceted surface to meet at precise intersections. Its spout, a cut-out square called the Aqua Window, allows a different view of the water flow, which makes the slim design look even lighter and more elegant. Another design feature is the rectangular mousseur, whose shape matches the design of the faucet and provides a wide water flow.

+9714 331 8070

With Touch2O functionality, users can tap anywhere on the spout or handle to start or stop the flow of water. Water turns off automatically within one minute after the faucet is tapped on. With Touch2O.xt Technology, users can also have an entirely hands-free experience.

The faucet automatically responds when users approach the sensing field, which is all around the faucet. No infrared sensor is used. Moving hands out of range intuitively shuts off the water flow within seconds when not needed.

delta faucet
+9717 243 1232

Performing Shower
The new Performing Shower by Dornbracht allows users to change the water flow based on its natural forms. From a powerful cascade of water, delicate or strong spray, to the sensation of heavy rainfall, it introduces a range of showering fixtures for water. It also includes an entirely new range of rain showers.

The rain showers and the hand-held showers are available in champagne, chrome, gold, platinum, platinum matte, black matte and white matte. These are designed by Sieger Design.

+9714 335 0731

Once Upon a Tile Series
In October 2011, InterfaceFLOR released its Once upon a Tile series of latest carpet tile collections in the Middle East, which is targeted at architects, flooring contractors, specifiers and interior designers throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa and India.

The latest series is made up of the following collections: Concrete Mix, Scribble, Vintage — Ornate & Refine, Circles, Consolidation, Vintage — Reissue & Nebbia, Cellular and Luxury Living.

+971 4 335 2499

Plooop Chair
London-based designer Timothy Schreiber has launched the carbon fibre version of his Plooop Chair. He worked with Fi-tech Ltd, aerospace and motorsports carbon fibre manufacturers, to produce it. The Plooop Chair is 5mm thick and weighs 2.5 kg.

Timothy Schreiber

Patricia Urquiola’s Husk for B&B Italia is a hard shell with a series of cushions. With a wide range of colours and finishes of the shell, the swivel base-frame with four spokes and covers, Husk can change its look. It uses recycled and recyclable materials.

B&B Italia
+97150 557 4677

Bachag Chair
Director of iDealgraphy, Joongho Choi has designed the Bachag Chair made from wood and aluminum. According to Choi, it was meant to create a mix and match style of furniture and fashion. He said he wanted to show contrasting images of different expressions. It was designed to be structurally sound, user-friendly and be comfortable.

Joongho Choi
+88 10 9149 2402

Hanna Werning wallpaper
Hanna Werning has launched a new wallpaper collection for Boråstapeter, her third for the firm. The colour explosion combines exotic surroundings with Nordic nature.

Flora and fauna inspire the patterns of Werning’s collection, with names such as Solkoja, Rävdunge and Klättervippa — all referring to Swedish nature.

The collection also features elements like clinging vines, flowers and the occasional parrot. It consists of 20 wallpapers, of which six are taken from the first collection that Werning designed for Boråstapeter.

+9714 330 6899

20×50 ceramics
The 20X50 collection is a unique size offering from RAK Ceramics that integrates a novel design solution to meet the demand of the growing trendy urban lifestyle. The collection’s trendy tile size of 20×50 strikes a perfect balance of vivid colours and surface textures having unique effects to create a fresh look with umpteen ingenious combinations.

Ideally suited for urban-chic style bathrooms and kitchens with a striking range of options at a competitive price.

RAK Ceramics
+9717 244 5046

Lanza is a newly launched furnishing fabrics collection of small scale weaves ablaze with colours. Bright, contemporary colours and soft elegant shades are skilfully combined with neutrals and metallics to create striking visual effects in this collection of stripes and small scale geometric weaves.

Colours and patterns available include Pesto, Jaipur Pink, Siver Blue, Whitewash, Pumice, Carbon and Viridian. The collection is available in GCC and India.

+9714 351 7168

Haynes Robinson rugs
A range carried by Dubai-based The Oriental Woven Art is the Haynes Robinson collection. This collection is designed by American carpet designer, Haynes Robinson, who traveled to remote southern Iran to connect people of diverse religious, political and cultural backgrounds through art, colour and design.

The traditional Persian knots, passed down to the woman of the Qashqai tribe by their ancestors, are used to create each carpet. Natural dyes are used to colour the wool and silk.

The Orientalist Woven Art
+9714 394 6989

Kashida Classic
Kashida is a newly established Lebanese product and furniture design company, which brings Arabic letterform to interior spaces. The company was co-founded by Mirna Hamady and Elie Abou Jamra, both graphic design graduates from the American University of Beirut.

The word ‘kashida’ is the Arabic term for the glyph that is used to elongate the spacing between two letters, creating a smooth bridge between them. Launching as a start with its Kashida Classic line, the company will product new designs several times a year.

+97150 499 6651

Gecko in the Box — Splendo
From Creation Baumann, get a gift box of laser-cut components of self adhesive textile, which allows experimenting on window glass. Available in different shapes and colours, no suspension technique or conversion is necessary. It can be used several times, leaves no residue and loses none of its adhesive power.

warps and wefts
+9714 355 4867

Bruynzeel develops space saving storage solutions for archives, offices and repositories for clients like government agencies, libraries, museums, universities, financial institutions and health care sector. It has now expanded to media storage, paintings and medical warehousing — using anti microbial powder coating.

800 FAMCO (32626)

The Aracne table resembles a spider based on the design of its supporting structure. It is made from die-cast and extruded aluminium components, which are glued together and painted in five different colours. The range tries to be sustainable by using 35% recycled aluminium. Aracne’s flexibility lies in the possibility of matching the base and the top in the customer’s preferred colour combinations.

+39 02 36647900

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