Maja Kozel shares her five favourite design products and what makes them special

Maja Kozel shares her five favourite design products and what makes them special

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Founder of Maja Kozel Design, designer Maja Kozel shares her five favourite products and what makes them special. 

SPACE FRAMES by Studio Mieke Meijer

Studio Miekemeijer has always pushed boundaries when it comes to working with different materials. Space Frames caught my eyes because of their flawless attention to detail and a sense of “lightness” due to the use of aircraft fabric materials.

REVOLT CHAIR by Friso Kramer for Royal Ahrend

This chair is nostalgic to me. We were raised with Ahrend furniture in our schools and in art academy. It remind me of the days and nights when we worked on deadlines sitting on these chairs, and their comfort level is pretty amazing. I love the design and simplicity of it — just two planes and the moulded frame, which can be mass produced — is genius.

STUDIO by Thomas Feichtner for Bene

The conventional ways of working are changing, as we all know it. The lines are blurred between working at home or in an office. The Studio table has got the perfect attributes with a simplistic clean look to cater to any type of workplace. I fell in love with this table, as it would be something I would really like to have in my (home) office.


The details are absolutely impeccable. When I first saw their product at Index this year, I was mesmerised by it. Lighting can be a powerful tool in an interior, and they have designed it for that exact same reason. Being sleek and simplistic, yet if you have a closer look, it’s very elegantly detailed.

USM HALLER STORAGE by Paul Schärer Jr and Fritz Haller

What I appreciate most is that it is based on an open system principle — and therefore, you are able to modify it in almost any way desired. It provides a great deal of adaptability to individual needs for organisation and design in both office as well as home environment.

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