Lighting suppliers you should know

Lighting suppliers you should know

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Switching from older lighting technology in public and commercial buildings to the latest devices could save up to AED 33 billion in the Middle East and Africa region, according to a recent study by Philips Electronics.

The study also predicts potential savings of AED 293.6 billion worldwide if a switch was made to newer lighting technology and devices.

Growing demand for energy-efficient and ecologically friendly lighting solutions is positively affecting the market for LED (light emitting diode) and CFL (compact fluorescent lamps) powered lamps and installations. In addition, there is government legislation making the use of LED and CFL technology in public sector outfits, public spaces, utility services and offices and factories necessary in many parts of the world.

According to recent figures by, a global business strategy and market intelligence source, the global market for lamps using CFL and LED technology is predicted to reach around $24 billion by 2015.

“The trend towards utilising LED and CFL technology as a greener alternative lighting solution is being increasingly employed in many of the large-scale infrastructure projects in the region like the Yas Hotel, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and the upcoming Dubai Waterfront,” said Ahmed Pauwels, chief executive officer, Epoc Messe Frankfurt.

“Awareness of the need for energy conservation is spreading across markets in the Middle East and leading to great potential demand,” said Pauwels.

The Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi has a 5,000 LED panel gridshell that drapes the hotel in vibrant lights. This allows the hotel to act as a light show providing different shades and colours, including animations. It is the largest colour LED display in the world, and the use of such a fixture instead of the more conventional lighting contributes to conserving a huge amount of energy.

According to experts, countries in the GCC could potentially save around $400m and 5.1 megatonnes of CO2 emissions annually, by switching to LED lighting technology.

LED lights not only are far more energy-efficient during use, but are also far longer lasting, leading to fewer replacements over time.

The future may see replacement of incandescent lamps by LEDs across all regional markets. Another trend in the lamps market includes advancements in next-generation light sources, such as organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs).

OLEDs are eventually expected to become core components of lighting applications, including architectural lighting, general-purpose lighting, industrial lighting, and backlighting.

In addition, the latest figures recently mentioned by Dr. Nasser Saidi, chief economist, Dubai International Financial Centre said the total spend on GCC infrastructure projects is currently $2.3 trillion (compared to $1 trillion in the United States and $475 billion in India).

With UAE leading the pack with $926 billion, Saudi Arabia with $614 billion, followed by Kuwait ($271 billion), Qatar ($230 billion), Oman ($104 billion) and Bahrain ($66 billion), the demand for lighting in the region seems like it will be positively affected.

Lighting has become an important part of interior design with sustainability being an important factor. Commercial Interior Design speaks to lighting suppliers you cannot afford to miss.

By Julie Sage, marketing manager

Tell us about your company?
Alger-Triton is recognized for creating distinctive lighting designs and fabrications for hospitality projects worldwide. If you can imagine it, we can create it to your exact specifications.

What sets you apart from the competition?
Alger-Triton’s mission of “exceptional service driven by design,” speaks for itself. Our foundation is based on creative excellence and customer loyalty.

Any news?
Wired Designs, part of Alger-Triton, has had an overwhelming response in the Middle East region.
We cater to the Gulf for boutique hotels, private palaces, villas, yachts and private jets. Our gallery-inspired showrooms can be found in London, New York, Florida, Los Angeles with representation in Shanghai and GCC.

What are the current lighting trends?
With more people embracing the green movement, designers are looking for materials that mirror this. LED lighting has allowed us to create fixtures that retain their visual impact while using less energy. Additionally, via the use of natural materials like blown Murano glass, rock crystal, and reclaimed woods.

Any challenges?
One of our greatest strengths is also one of our challenges, while we achieve the balance between impeccable design and exceptional service. Using new materials in the creative process requires diligent research and skillful craftsmen which is what Alger-Triton prides itself on, and bring a unique assortment on each project for one-of-a-kind results.

How do we contact you?
Middle East: Hektor von Schledorn
Tel. : +9714 2997196
Corporate Office:
Alger-Triton International
8690 National Boulevard
Culver City, California 90232
Tel: +1 310 229 9500

Italian Concept
By Omar Mohamed, marketing manager

Tell us about your company?
Italian Concept is a new extension of Italian Lamp (est 1976), one of the largest lighting distributors in the Middle East. We are the exclusive distributor of Asfour Crystals — one of the best crystal brands in the world. Italian Concept is the first shop in Kuwait to specialise in Murano chandeliers and has distribution agreements with the Murano and Crystal brands from Italy.

What sets you apart?
With a strong passion for high quality brands, Italian Concept has developed an impressive insight into the most contemporary perspectives of lighting design and functionality. Italian Concept’s leadership and success is built on its proven ability to provide customer-driven products and services, offering clients a shopping experience that’s inspired, modern and convenient.

Any news?
Italian Concept is excited to participate in this year’s INDEX lighting Exhibition (Stand No. 6D226). We are also presently running a sweepstake competition through our Facebook page where contestants have a chance to win an exquisite Murano chandelier.

What are the current lighting trends?
Most of today’s lighting design choices fall under one of three definite categories: casual elegance, simplified traditional and soft contemporary.

We are currently working on categorising all our products according to these design trends to simplify our customers’ decision-making.

Any challenges?
Mapping competitor activities and catching up with latest industry trends is an ongoing challenge and something we take seriously.

How do we contact you?
+965 2491 8940
Canada Dry Street,
Wara Center,
Showrooms # 15 & 42
Shuwaikh, Kuwait

By Vadim Horna, managing director

Tell us about your company?
Lasvit is a Czech Republic-based designer and custom manufacturer of bespoke contemporary light fittings and large glass art installations, mainly for the public areas of the world’s most prestigious hotels, palaces and private residences among others.

What sets you apart?
Focus on quality rather than quantity. Focus on long term relationship and value for the client, rather than short term profit. Unrivalled understanding of the nature and character of glass and commitment to deliver a unique design within the boundaries of time and budget. These differences show in the projects we undertake.

Any news?
Lasvit has recently delivered its bespoke art installations to the highest luxury hotel in the world, The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong.

The most eye-catching concepts are definitely Diamond Sea, designed by Katarina Kudejova Fulinova, and Twill, designed by Tatana Dvorakova.

What are the current lighting trends?
We can certainly identify strong trend towards greener and more advanced light sources, which are represented mainly by wide range of LEDs. Thanks to these light sources, we can have even more unique installations, while helping the environment as well.

Any challenges?
Maintaining the highest design and material quality standards in weaker economic conditions. We must also say this is our main strength as we have succeeded in this challenge as opposed to most other companies in our field.

How do we contact you?
Vadim Horna, Managing Director
P.O. Box 262731
Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, UAE
T: +971 48814546; F: +971 48814547
M: +971 506995102

Al Aqili
By Shahriar Khodjasteh, group marketing manager

Tell us about your company?
Belight is a one-stop shop for your interior fit-out needs. We are the sole agent and distributor for more than six European brands in the UAE and GCC region. We give professional support from our electrical engineers with extra service to the calculation of technical submissions, façade lighting and others if needed. We represent the following brands: AV Mazzega (Italy), Flaver (Italy), SLV (Germany), Masiero (Italy), SCE (France) and Comely (China).

What sets you apart?
We always strive to provide the best quality and service. Our team of professional consultants works hand-in-hand with designers and architects to provide the right and smart working solutions for any type and size of project.

Any news?
We have brought new lighting systems to the region. The Murano Due series features the Deluxe (by Archirivolto), Ether (by Patrick Jouin, a cascade of glass droplets), Link (by Mauro Marzollo) and Mirage (by Filippo Caprioglio, shafts of light like laser beams). We have the SLV series, with the SLV 1 (LED based, wall wash light for commercial and residential use) and SLV 2 (rustic finish bollard light for landscaping).

What are the current lighting trends?
LED is changing lighting. It is robust, compact, light weight and virtually maintenance free. It is phasing out conventional lighting as it lasts longer and saves energy. Also, as it produces very little heat, it has less of an impact on cooling and heat regulation, which conserves energy. LED systems are incredibly easy to integrate into the design and architecture of a building due to the flexibility of size and shape.Colour schemes can be created by using the basic red, blue and green LEDs.

How do we contact you?
T: +9714 337 7717; F: +9714 337 0379
Pyramid Centre, Umm Hurair Road,
PO Box: 31558, Dubai, UAE.;

By Asad Khan, general manager, Middle East

Tell us about your company?
With 101 years of experience in the lighting industry, we believe that it is light which interprets space and makes it an experience.

Hoffmeister’s lighting tools enable our valued customers to expand the creative possibilities to a new dimension in design. Our product range includes luminaires for both indoor and outdoor architectural spaces.

The design, quality and performance of our lighting tools comply with the highest standards.
Get to know Hoffmeister better through our experience centre in Dubai via the contact details given below.

What sets you apart from the competition?
We believe that luminaires are meant to be lighting tools, designed around form, function and sustainability. Hence, the Hoffmeister team works closely with lighting designers, architects, interior designers and MEP consultants to understand the architecture and its interior spaces.

This enables us to accordingly propose suitable Hoffmeister lighting tools in a project, as it is required.

Any news?
Our new designed Dialux plug-in cum offline electronic catalogue is available for download on

A new graphic design and an advanced user interface orients the user through the entire Hoffmeister product range.

While searching for a particular product a number of different criteria such as product name, lamp characterstics or type of installation and more, guides the user to the exact requirement with just a few clicks.

What are the current lighting trends?
Sustainability in architecture and interior spaces have become more of a necessity these days.
Effective and efficient lighting tools play a key role in enabling a design office to translate concepts into reality with least possible power consumption.

This can happen only with a combination of efficient lamp source, high quality reflector system and a well-engineered body which takes care of thermal management.

How do we contact you?
Office No 506,
Building 6EA
Dubai Airport Free Zone
PO Box 371373,
Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 4 7017458

The Total Office
By Rand Sandher, sales director and
Siddharth Peters, managing director

Tell us about your company?
The Total Office formed in 1997 with a four-person team. In 1999, we relocated to an office of over 3,000 square feet and in 2005, opened the 20,000 square feet warehouse facility. In 2009, we opened our LEED-certified Abu Dhabi office and increased our portfolio. In 2010 we started an in-house upholstery division and opened our second LEED certified-office in Dubai.

What sets you apart?
Our multi-office locations; 20,000 square feet warehouse facility with in-house logistics team; multicultural and diversified sales team to tackle the variety of cultures in the UAE; environmentally conscious with two LEED certified offices; and, experience to support international corporations within the Middle East, via our dealer network.

Any news?
The Total Office has introduced an innovative product: Conflux Lighting. It is a comprehensive line of LED lighting which is the first to use a PIR (Passive InfraRed) sensor that works based on the user’s body heat. It also features the wireless-charging Powermat and removes the glare of LED bulbs.
People love it, because for product design and features, we like to believe it’s unmatched, especially with the Powermat integration, which is the wow factor. The overall design/smoothness of the pivoting, extending and rotating stem was also well-received.

Any challenges?
Encouraging end users to experiment with new ways of working and planning with smaller local companies. Through lack of planning, solutions are either rushed or missed and environmental consideration is over looked. Budgets and lead-times also become an issue and dictate product selection.

How do we contact you?
Dubai +9714 450 8700
Abu Dhabi +9712 635 5588
Sharjah +9716 544 0563

By Ondrej Soska, managing director

Tell us about your company?
Preciosa is a world-wide partner supplying customised decorative lighting solutions and artistic crystal objects.
Our factories are based in Bohemia (Czech Republic), source of the world-famous Bohemian Crystal, and operating through network of its own international branch offices.

What sets you apart?
Three centuries in a highly competitive industry and thousands of successful projects have proven our experience in providing consistent professional service to our customers. Our extensive manufacturing facilities, specialised in-house designers and experienced craftsmen enable us to offer a fantastic portfolio of products and designs.

Any news?
We have succeeded in the following projects in the region: One and Only, The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, The Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi and The Four Seasons Hotel in Beirut. Of our recent world-wide success: the highest hotel in the world – The Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong, Shangri-la Hotel in Paris, and Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore.

What are the current lighting trends?
Based on our clients’ requirements, the lighting trends are in contrasts of colors (dark and light) and styles (classical chandeliers in modern interiors), emphasised by unique lighting effects brought by combination of special light sources such as fibre optics, halopin bulbs, and most recently, LEDs.

Any challenges?
Our key challenge is to constantly exceed our clients’ expectations by providing reliable and professional support during each phase of the project, and delivering the most effective decorative lighting solution within their budget.

How do we contact you?
Preciosa Gulf FZCO
PO Box 18185,
Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, UAE
T: +971 4 884 8234; F: +971 4 884 8235;

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