Leila Heller Gallery exhibits Zaha Hadid ‘mid-career’ exhibition in Dubai

Yesterday (18 January) marked the opening of Leila Heller’s ‘Zaha Hadid’ preview, a mid-career exhibition that presented over 30 design works by the Dame.

The exhibition “exemplified her transition after the 1990s from an ‘early semi-tectonic’ into her ‘later semi-liquid’ phase,” a release stated.

For this exhibition, the hallmarks of Hadid’s large scale building projects and grand architecture reveal themselves in architects’ use of new spatial paradigms at all scales, and in a myriad of materials resulting in a multitude of forms.


Some of the designs on show included Hadid’s earlier Seoul Desk (2008) to the latest Tau Vases designed for Citco (2015), in addition to her jewelry designs and the architects’ collaboration with Dutch shoe brand United Nude.

Other furniture designs included more pieces for Citco such as the Luna Table in marble and fibreglass as well as the Quad Table collection in both marble and graphite.

Her latest Liquid Glacial collection was also displayed, from table to chair, designed for David Gill Galleries.

The exhibition goes on until 29 February in Al Serkaal Avenue, Dubai.


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