Lebanese designer Richard Yasmine to showcase two collections during Milan Design Fair 2018

Lebanese designer Richard Yasmine to showcase two collections during Milan Design Fair 2018

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Lebanese interior architect and furniture designer Richard Yasmine will be showcasing two collections during Milan Design Week, both stemming from a message to spread love and bring awareness about heritage and the natural environment.

Hawa Beirut. All photography by BizarreBeirut.

The first collection is called Hawa Beirut – an Arabic word meaning ‘a light summer breeze’ or a deep love or passion for something. Described by the designer as a “light or airy furniture [collection]”, its forms are inspired by Lebanese architecture, namely arches that are prevalent across the entire Middle East.

The collection consists of two chairs – one which is upholstered while the other remains “naked”, as well as a low coffee table that can be flipped, and a decorative divider that is made up of multiple materials.

All the items within Hawa Beirut are made of powder coated colorful steel and fabric, in addition to decorative handmade silk braiding cords and tassels, and treated pink marble with blown glass inserts that have been created using a traditional crafts technique.

The second collection, Wake Up Call, is one that aims to create awareness around preserving the nature around us.

Wake Up Call.

“Being concerned about the environment can feel overwhelming, but there are actions that we need to take to help preserve the natural world,” said Yasmine.

“To start with our own society, using sustainable choices can maximise our actions by raising awareness of local environmental challenges among our communities, and pushing for policies that protect nature,” he added.

Wake Up call is composed of limited edition table lamps made from a brass structure and hand blown, organically-shaped sandblasted bulbs, under which rests an abandoned bird nest, decorated with various types of semi-precious stones.

Overall, the designer used three types of stone, which signifying a specific meaning and “energy transmission”, including Black Tourmaline, Emerald Beryl, and Crystal Quartz.

“Wake Up Call is a mission acting as a nature alert,” the release said. “With every tick of the clock; nature is being destroyed: let’s wake up and act fast”.

Lebanese designer Nada Debs will also be debuting her first solo show in Milan, showcasing a series of new collections at Rossana Orlandi Gallery. 

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