Lasvit to unveil products by acclaimed designers at Milan

Lasvit will present collections by international designers at Milan during the Salone di Mobile event from April 16-22, 2012.

Nendo Collection

The lighting firm’s collaboration with Oki Sato of Japanese Nendo studio, will be showcased at Milan’s Superstudio in the Tortona District. The exhibition, called Still & Sparkling, will feature lamps, vases and tables, and is an expansion of the Bohemian Rhapsody project that was presented last year in Milan.

Leon Jakimic, founder and CEO of Lasvit, said, “Lasvit and Nendo’s Oki Sato, one of Japan’s foremost young design stars, have managed to create never-seen-before art pieces. With Lasvit, Oki Sato discovered glass as a material. Together with our master glassblowers, he wonderfully re-imagines glass as the material for his distinctive, minimalist designs.”

Oki Sato said, “Working with glass is like working with water. You can never totally control this material, so there is always research, new attempts, risk-taking, testing what is possible. This is extremely stimulating for me as the results always lead to new surprises. With glass you have the chance to obtain unique and matchless pieces.”

The Nendo collection includes: Inhale Lamp, where glass blowers form big air bubbles then inhale to produce an unusual shape with negative air pressure; X-Ray vases, which use transparency and reflection to transform a series of domes within a larger mirrored dome; Press lamps in pendant and floor styles, which rely on light sources tucked into compressed glass tubes to produce soft, organic forms; Innerblow and Overflow tables, which deploy two techniques using metal forms and the flowing quality of molten glass to create smooth and water-like surfaces; Growing Vases, whereglass pipes give the illusion of vases blooming out of flowers.

Liquidkristal by Ross Lovegrove

Lasvit will also unveil Liquidkristal by Ross Lovegrove, which are architectural glass walls, at Milan’s Triennale Design Museum.

The exhibition will feature a pavilion made up of of three forms, each measuring 180 feet in diameter and 46 feet in length. Each wall surface is composed of 24 freestanding crystal panels, measuring a total of 860 feet.

Jakimic said the installation is a milestone in Lasvit´s product development. “First, it represents our forward-looking collaboration with Ross Lovegrove, a contemporary master in design. Second, to bring his design to life, Lasvit pioneered a unique thermal transfer technique. Finally, Lasvit LiquidKristal is our company’s bridge to the world of architecture, useful as a crystal partition or screen and as insulated glass units for exterior facades.”

Lovegrove worked with Lasvit for more than a year to create the installation. There are several uses of this surface, ranging from pavilions in interior and exterior environments, such as divisions in public spaces or boutiques, to partition walls or large, spectacular full length windows capable of transforming a building’s architecture.

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