Lasvit introduces new lighting series

At this year’s Euroluce exhibition in Milan, Czech and Slovak lighting designer Lasvit launched its latest series of lighting designs called Temple of Light. And with it, Lasvit presented a new glass kinetic installation called Supernova designed by Petra Krausova.

The interactive glass kinetic sculpture is the successor to Lasvit’s renowned Alice pendant, which made its way from Milan to Dubai last year. Supernova transforms itself in response to the viewer’s movement by changing its form. Consisting of clear glass elements that boast linear textures, Supernova’s overall form and aesthetic is a hypnotic invitation to admire the fragility of the light’s smooth movements.

Leon Jakimie, founder and president of Lasvit, explains: “Supernova is inspired by outer space – as a stellar burst – which radiates great energy. [It] transports us into the future as it magically transforms itself in both time and space, responding to the view’s movement…Petra Krausova is extremely talented and we believe she is one of the up-and-coming designers of our time. She has a unique ability to combine opposing creative directions of tradition and futurism to create concepts combining glass and light with technology that are unique and stunning.

“Her designs are aligned with what Lasvit stands for – creating a breath-taking light and design experience.”

In addition to Supernova, Lasvit unveiled a number of other designs at this year’s Salone del Mobile’s Euroluce exhibit including the Candy Collection and Fungo Chandelier by Campana Brothers, Polygon and Droplets by Jan Phlechac and Henry Wielgus, HATS by deFORM, DAS POP light by Maarten Baas, Bonbon by Maria Culenova Hostinova, Bespoke Installation Streamer by Tana Kvorakova, and Well by MEJD Studio.

Of the many new designs recently exhibited, they each approach lighting design in inspired new ways. The Candy Collection by Campana Brother, for example, is funky and colourful, finding its source of inspiration in the colourful candies sold in popular markets in Brazil. With each piece of the Candy Collection conceived and produced in hand-blown glass and metal, the Campana Brothers was able to take design seriously by fearlessly approaching it through its childhood memories.

Another design that stood out to us was the DAS POP light by Maarten Baas, which recreates the classic and recognisable light bulb made from classic hand-blown glass and clay-covered arms. The design subtly revisits the traditional bulb.

Lasvit’s newest designs combine traditional Bohemian glass-making with technology, allowing the works to be perfect choices for commercial and residential projects from Paris to New York.

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