Kitchen Suppliers You should know

Kitchen Suppliers You should know

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Trends in kitchen design have changed to the extent where, rather than being a separate room, it merges into the main areas of living or working.

Dr Markus Miele, managing director and co-owner of Miele, said the current fashion shows kitchens being increasingly integrated with a living space.

“Kitchens have to look nicer than what they used to look like 15 years ago, so design becomes very important.

“There a lot of things you have to think about in kitchen design that you didn’t have to consider many years ago,” he said.

Melding the kitchen with the main area of work or play can be done by matching colours or accessories that extend the look of the living room inside. A greater degree of integration can be created by including items of furniture in the kitchen normally seen in other parts of the space, like a small sofa or a television.

However, specific trends in the Middle East region get more challenging to define, according to Gaby Koudsi, managing director, Miele GCC. This is because of the melting pot of nationalities which leads to different cooking habits and lifestyles that affect kitchen design. Even though there seems to be a difference in kitchen design preferences based on region, the phenomenon of “global village” applies here.

Dr Miele said many consumers become inspired by designs seen in other countries and desire the same for themselves. “In different countries you get varying results [of what people want] because of different habits and lifestyles. But a lot of our customers travel around the world, so they see different designs from places like France and Italy, while some who have never travelled will have another idea on design,” he added.

Dr Miele added the use of technology in kitchen design and appliances is increasing, and has become an important trend.

Sustainability ties in to the concept of technology as well. Faucets that reduce water usage, eco-friendly dishwashers and refrigerators that save energy have become a norm rather than an oddity in modern kitchen interiors. The concept of green design is now standard even in kitchens.

Minimalism is currently popular, with designers using splashes of colour to make simple and functional designs stand out.

With the changing face of kitchen design, Commercial Interior Design speaks to the kitchen suppliers you need to know.

Delta Faucet
By Helga Feghali, marketing manager

Tell us about your company?
A trusted name in the US and more than 53 countries abroad, Delta Faucet Company pairs intuitive performance innovations with beautiful, inspirational design, that enhances the user’s experience with water.

As a company that delivers water every day to residential and commercial buildings, Delta Faucet Company places a high priority on products that address today’s environmental concerns, such as accessibility to water, water conservation and water quality. To that end, Delta Faucet invests in internal processes and systems that provide innovative solutions and ensure exceptional customer satisfaction.

Best-selling kitchen products?
Delta’s design award winning Addison, Pilar and Trinsic Pull Down faucets with Touch2O Technology are most popular and loaded with innovative technologies that help users work smarter and save water. A Multi-Flow pull-down wand provides a way to save water without sacrificing performance.

Latest trends in kitchens?
Kitchens are being recognised as not only the heart of the home, but also quite often the focal point and centerpiece. In no other room are we seeing as much attention to detail. Often open to large great rooms, the kitchen now looks less “kitcheny” and more like an inviting place to gather and entertain. Simpler styling, hidden appliances, and a bit of colour are among things moving into the kitchen.

The modern kitchen is convenience-meets-multifunctionality, high-tech, and minimalist. Control panels, often hidden, offering internet access and high-end audio/visual individually configurable options. Safety features are also popular.

Recent developments?
Three Emirates Hills villas in the UAE have been fitted with our Addison Pull Down faucet with Touch2O technology.

How do we contact you?
PO Box 20191, Dubai, UAE
T: +971 50 655 3448
E: |

By Matteo Pellegrini, general manager

Tell us about your company?
Dada S.p.a has, since 1980, been part of the Molteni Group, a major force in the Italian furnishings industry. With its design series, Dada is now at the forefront of the kitchen market with various models, all different but with one characteristic in common: specific elements from different series can be combined to create specific, new, individual solutions.

In other words, Dada offers the possibility of personalising the kitchen and aims at satisfying the needs of an experienced clientele demanding a high-quality product which is also functional. Dada’s designs are developed through intense research and experimentation carried out in partnership with internationally famous architects and designers.

Best-selling kitchen products?
While all Dada models enjoy a very good sales performance, Trim enjoys significant popularity. Hi-line and Tivali are, at present, the most requested models in the international market.

Latest trends in kitchens?
There are two main concepts gaining ground in the global market. The first is flexibility and value for money. The second is attention to detail.

Recent developments?
The Set project, which could only be created by a real chef — a designer that cooks for his friends, Rodolfo Dordoni. For him, the kitchen is a laboratory where he can experiment, and a workshop where everything is within reach. Shelves and workspaces are open, like a bookcase, because this space is also a living room.

It is also functional in small environments. Set can also develop vertically up the entire height of the walls. The design recaptures the solid concept of the American-style modular kitchens. Efficiency, logical use and an obsession for time are the guiding concepts.

How do we contact you?
PO Box 118508, Dubai, UAE.
T: +971 4 297 1777; F: +971 4 297 1717;;

By Escher Leif, project manager, SieMatic Middle East

Tell us about your company?
Our passion is interior design for kitchens. In approximately 60 countries and diverse cultures, SieMatic is at home everywhere. Anywhere in the world users see the name SieMatic, they will get a picture of what is contemporary design and state-of-the-art in kitchen technology. Its products are exemplary in technology and design and are of reliable German quality.

Best-selling kitchen products?
There are kitchens for purists, romantics and pragmatists. And then there are kitchens from SieMatic. Its creations exceed the traditional way of designing kitchens. Users can choose from over 40 kitchen programmes in different styles with a range of colours, shapes, volumes and materials. Discover room for all your kitchen ideas — there is nothing one-size-fits-all about SieMatic.

Latest trends in kitchens?
The S2 and BeauxArts.02 design concepts integrate the kitchen with the living area. At the SieMatic Forum 2011, the firm demonstrated how far the kitchen has progressed beyond a mere work area. “With new trends and floating spaces, we implement a near complete integration of the kitchen within the living area,” said Ulrich W. Siekmann, CEO and owner of SieMatic.

Recent developments?
Seamless ZeroMatic quality. The new ZeroMatic front and side panels are created using a special process to make them 100% joint free. Cutting-edge laser technology is used to fuse the edging and surface material together, creating the impression of a massive sheet. ZeroMatic surfaces have a high quality appearance that offer an attractive, easy-care alternative to matte or glossy fronts.

How do we contact you?
Mac Al Gurg
SieMatic Flagship Store
Umm Hurair Road, Dubai, UAE
T: +971 4 358 2256 | F: +971 4 357 863

By Georg Kazantzidis, director of marketing and business development

Tell us about your company?
Siemens is one of the largest manufactures of home appliances. It is active on all continents and has more than 41 factories in 13 different countries.

The company’s actions and development are determined by a consistent policy of innovation and quality.

One of its most important principles is its determination to provide the consumer with genuine added value in terms of performance, convenience and user-friendliness by offering new products and developing existing ones.

Underlying this is the conviction that driving forward new technologies not only generates a competitive edge and provides greater convenience for customers – but also benefits the environment. In Germany, Siemens is the No. 1 brand in home appliances.

Best-selling kitchen products?
Siemens has many popular products but its best selling items include dishwashers, ovens and induction hobs where we are the leaders on the market.

Latest trends in kitchens?
Before the kitchen was just a place to prepare food in. Now the kitchen has become a zone of interaction between people as well as the preparation of the food. The kitchen used to be hidden in the household, a closed zone that people could not see. In new apartments the kitchen has slowly become an integrated part of the living space.

This also creates a bigger focus on the design of the household appliances. The appliances should not just work well but should also look nice. Siemens has always combined performance with design and functionality.

Recent developments?
Siemens is the first full-range home appliances manufacturer of small and major domestic appliances which received the Emirates Quality mark.

How do we contact you?
BSH Home Appliances FZE
P.O. Box 17312,
Dubai, UAE
T: +971 4 803 0400
F: +971 4 881 4805

By Kirk Dmonte, head of sales

Tell us about your company?
Palmonade is Dubai’s first kitchen emporium, and home to the finest European kitchen furniture brands bespoke to design, functionality, and eco-friendly materials. Our USP is our offering of customised designer kitchens that meet our clients’ design and budget requirements.

We achieve this with our team of highly experienced design consultants who strive to understand the clients’ needs from every aspect including, but not limited to, aesthetics, comfort, utility and most importantly cost. We as a company and brand are dedicated to achieving complete customer satisfaction from the initial stage of design, to the final stage of execution, and not forgetting the after sales service.

Best-selling kitchen products?
Ernestomeda – Emetrica, the minimalistic state of the art kitchen, which has been deemed by many design forums as “performance and design at an affordable price”. The horizontal groove and vertical handle provides stylistic continuity across all compositions, and convenient cabinetry openings allow for innovative design possibilities. Customers are able to personalise it to their select taste with colours in gloss/matte lacquer finishes.

Our popular range of Gutmann hoods are a work of art, recognisable in design, shape and colour. The hoods blended in stainless steel 304 come in a variety of colours and shapes.

Latest trends in kitchens?
The latest trends in kitchens is to design solutions that don’t follow the conventional shapes or rows and rows of cabinetry. Less is more, hence our layouts involve shapes allowing for creation of an interactive space where individuals or families can enjoy more than just a meal — today kitchens are an extension of one’s living space.

Recent developments?
The Carre by Ernestomeda designed by Marc Sadler has won many accolades from the design community. The Carre is able to create compositional layouts ranging from the total line-in to the semi country. Deemed a masterpiece capable of combing both material and colour to create a diverse kitchen design, the striking feature is its handle, which has been transformed to change into almost 230,000 shapes and sizes along with the different colour combinations

As a pioneer in its industry, Ernestomeda has also contributed a special concept kitchen designed by AquiliAlberg, an international architect and design firm of Milan, in the Tron Design Corian exhibition on the theme of the Tron: Legacy movie by Walt Disney.

How do we contact you?
Dubai’s First Kitchen Emporium
Villa 671, Jumeirah Beach Road
Umm Suqeim, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE
T: +971 4 348 8140
M: +971 55 224 5361

By Patricia Boettcher, founder, B5 The Art of Living

Tell us about your company?
For over 100 years, German-based Eggersmann has led the market in the design and production of superior quality, bespoke kitchens. Combining the classical with the contemporary, Eggersmann has enjoyed four generations of kitchen expertise while remaining true to its values and believing that every kitchen should be ‘as individual as its owner’s fingerprint’.

At Eggersmann, shapes are sleek, materials are valuable and design is cutting-edge. Using unusual, valuable materials and handcrafted detail, all designs will achieve the perfect shape, rather than the easiest production process.

Best-selling kitchen products?
The main focus of Eggersmann’s product development in recent years has been with the Unique range. This kitchen system incorporates a range of materials like several stones and granites as well as Corian, glass or specially treated stainless steel, portraying a very minimalist, contemporary look. The collection mixes textures and raw materials to push the boundaries of contemporary kitchen design.

Latest trends in kitchens?
In general, the huge wave of high gloss finishes is now over its peak. Although high gloss will remain a significant part of the finishes, Eggersmann is moving further towards textured surfaces like rough-cut veneers, which is a huge trend at the moment.

Eggersmann has developed a sand blasted veneer, which has a very deep grain and looks amazingly natural because of its very matte, structured finish. The current mega trend for white kitchens will remain over the next few years, as designers love its spotless, fresh and elegant look, while homeowners are attracted to its pureness.

How do we contact you?
B5 The Art of Living,
Ground Floor,
Sidra Tower,
Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
Tel: +971 4 447 3973

By Gaby Koudsi, managing director, Miele GCC

Tell us about your company?
Miele, a German manufacturer of premium domestic appliances and commercial machines, was founded in 1899 by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann and has always been a family-owned, family-run company.

Since the founding days, Miele’s founding motto of “Forever Better” is applied to everything Miele delivers; not only to the product itself, but also to the high standard of customer service.

Quality, continuous innovation and emotional appeal are the main characteristics that has made Miele unique for the past 112 years.

Best-selling kitchen products?
Miele’s extensive range of kitchen and home appliances includes built-in as well as free standing multi-functional ovens, steam ovens, hobs and cooker hoods, coffee makers, wine cellars, dishwashers, laundry and floor care.

Miele continuously introduces high-performance models with a simple and convenient user interface. Miele’s DGC 5080 XL combi steam oven combines all the functionalities of a fully fledged oven with those of a steam cooker. Our coffee machines are very popular among connoisseurs because they produce a selection of cappuccinos, macchiato, at the touch of a button.

Latest trends in kitchens?
Combining style with state-of-the-art technology, the Miele range fits perfectly into all designs. Characterised by inspiring forms, pleasant touch and feel of the surfaces, intuitive functions and features, the Miele appliances harmonise perfectly and are integrated into the living space.

Technologically, the new series opens up huge potential in terms of food processing freedom and offers unparalleled convenience. Miele appliances are communication-enabled.

Recent developments?
The Miele Gallery, a state-of-the art space, was recently inaugurated where visitors can discover its latest designs and appliances. In addition, a dedicated multipurpose area for private events, trainings, product launching, cooking classes is available for private booking.

By the end of Q1 2012, Miele will launch a specially developed range for the Saudi market. In addition to residential landmarks in the region, such as Burj Khalifa where more than 7,000 appliances were installed, upcoming high-profile projects furnished with Miele are in progress in the UAE and the Gulf.

How do we contact you?
Miele Gallery
Sama Tower, Dubai, UAE
T : 800-MIELE(64353) | +971 4 341 8444
Fax +971 4 341 8852

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