Khalid Shafar designs installation using 348 ‘agaals’ for Nakkash Gallery

Khalid Shafar designs installation using 348 ‘agaals’ for Nakkash Gallery

Emirati designer Khalid Shafar has created a lighting installation entitled Forma for UAE-based Nakkash Gallery, using traditional ‘agaal’s’ (black woven rope bands worn by men in many countries in the Middle East).

Image by Saeed Khalifa

First presented during Design Days Dubai, each component in Forma is made using 29 connected and interconnected agaals, resulting in a total of 348 agaals used throughout the entire installation which spans 5.1m with variable heights.

Image by Saeed Khalifa

The agaals are linked together with wires and embedded with coloured, transparent Plexiglas in circular cut-out shapes that reflect light through.

Khalid Shafar in front of Forma installation at Design Days Dubai. ITP Photography.

Each component is a singular illumination object that together form a entire illuminating installation.

“My installation Forma is a result of a study and exploration of how identical 2D shapes can create 3D forms by connecting and interconnecting all elements together,” said Shafar.

Forma at Design Days Dubai. Image by Nakkash Gallery

“To further activate the presentation at Design Days Dubai, I had a special editorial photographed by Emirati Saeed Khalifa to further narrate the story of Forma in visual format.”


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