Jotun Paints re-launches improved Woodshield range of wood coating

Jotun Paints re-launches improved Woodshield range of wood coating

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The Middle East region’s wood coatings segment is worth $126 million, and Jotun Paints has re-launched its Woodshield range of products to further penetrate the market.

Woodshield’s range deals with the usual challenges of wood coatings and paints like long drying time, the presence of very strong odours and lack of options in finish.

“Jotun’s new Woodshield range is the first of its kind in the Middle East market and offers advantages and benefits like strong UV protection, high water resistance and strategic flexibility,” said Per Olav Ramstad, regional marketing director, Jotun Paints.

“The new range provides users with several advantages as compared to other wood coating products that take hours, even days, before the painting is finally completed. Woodshield proves to be the perfect wood coating offering a quicker drying time, less odour and a longer coat life,” he added.

Woodshield Exterior uses advanced UV absorbers and Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS) technology to provide twice the power of UV Protection, which minimises colour fading and protects wood against cracking, peeling and erosion from sunlight.

Woodshield Interior creates a smooth and tough hydrophobic film that makes for easy cleaning of the wood surface. It also uses quick drying resin, which saves time, energy and manpower.

The products are available in three colour ranges, including Golden Sand, Forest Walk, and Semi-opaque shades.

“This new range of wood coatings not only complements our strategic aim to reinforce our market share in the Middle East market but also demonstrates our efforts to provide our customers with a world class range of products that not only speak of durability but also adds high aesthetic value,” said Ramstad.

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