ISH Frankfurt 2017: New products from Grohe (video)

ISH Frankfurt 2017: New products from Grohe (video)

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Grohe adds intelligence as the fourth element of the smart home

Under the slogan “Water. Intelligence. Enjoyment”, Grohe introduced several concepts and products that improve well-being in the home as well as a smart home innovation system that protects the home from water damage.

Commenting on the plans, Grohe’s CEO Michael Rauterkus says the company does not want to be digital for digital’s sake.

“To be smart, a home does not have to be digital. It just has to be intelligent,” says Rauterkus, exclusively revealing the latest innovation Grohe Sense, which can warn homeowners in case of water leakage, flooding and unwanted levels of humidity, and Grohe Sense Guard, which can instantly shut off the water supply.

Grohe Sense and Grohe Sense Guard.

Grohe’s VP of Design, Michael Seum, tells CID that its own in-house team designs all products.

Seum says: “As a philosophy, the in-house design ensures that we are engaged as a design team in the early strategic aspect, and that’s a differentiator. We are involved in shaping the strategy of where Grohe goes, and I think you can’t do that as an outside consultant. You can’t really get deeply involved with the business need. Design brings strategy to life and at Grohe is truly a strategic vehicle for the company as a whole.”

During ISH Grohe also launched the exclusive shower AquaSymphony, which comes with an integrated steam bath, a special light and a dedicated song “Rain” by AquaSymphony, created by DJ Moguai.

With design shifting from analogue to digital, Seum further explains that the bathrooms are getting smarter, adding that innovation in the bathroom industry is not just about hardware and design anymore.

He says: “AquaSymphony is a combination of every shower technology we have. We’ve also introduced a smart control system with three outlets, which allows you to control your shower experience precisely.

“Whether it’s analogue or digital, we need to ensure the user experience is part of the core delivery.”

Reflecting on the past three years since Grohe joined LIXIL Group, Rauterkus explains that the combination of Grohe and Lixil is already proving its worth in the marketplace with the two most successful launches in the history of the company: Smart Control and Sensia Arena.

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The Smart Control shower system offers intuitive “push-turn-shower” controls with valve technology from Lixil. Sensia Arena is a wall-hung shower toilet manufactured in Japan, but designed in Europe, specifically for European consumers, offering what the Grohe team describes as “an elevated hygiene experience”.


Firas Ibrahim, vice president of Grohe Gulf, is confident that this product, in particular, will be equally popular among the consumers in the Middle East.

“Our region is a wet cleaning region where we use the bidet or a trigger spray. With Sensia Arena, we can now eliminate both, creating more space in the bathroom. Compared to other brands, Sensia Arena has clean lines and looks like a regular WC. With its antibacterial glazing, non-stick coating and triple vortex flushing technology, it is also a more hygienic WC.”

Moving away from the polished chrome, the brand recently launched 10 new colour finishes in the Essence range.

“The industry is moving towards colours,” says Ibrahim. “Designers are looking for innovations, and colour is one of them. The big design firms are excited about the new range since this is a new tool and solution for their projects.”

Grohe Blue Home.

Lina Varytimidou, director of PR and communications for Grohe Middle East, tells CID that Grohe is in the midst of launching “The Wanders of Water” project, raising awareness among the children about the importance of water conservation.

“It is a different approach to CSR, starting from educating children and then the children taking these messages and spreading them to their siblings, parents and community. The idea behind it is to work together with a celebrated novelist to create a ‘book of water’, showing the journeys of a child through the Middle East, spreading the word and the messages from the eyes of a child.”

Lina Varytimidou, director of PR and communications Grohe MEA explains that the best packaging for water is no packaging at all. At this year ISH fair in Frankfurt, Grohe puts emphasis on sustainability and introduces new products, water saving solutions such as the Grohe Blue Home new kitchen spout that comes with a filtration technological turning tap water into a drinking, which can be cold or hot or even sparkling. In the region Grohe is already testing the quality of water and collaborating with the local authorities to develop a programme to reduce the usage of plastic bottles in the city. @grohemea @grohe_uae #Grohe #ISH #ISHfair #ish2017 #watersaving #grohemea #sustainability #technology #watertechnology #technews

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