Interface reveals new global collection ‘Human Nature’

Carpet tile manufacturer, Interface has launched its latest collection called Human Nature designed by David Oakley.

The collection is built on the premise that designing space that evoke the senses through light, colour and texture and details spark the human spirit.

As most of its other inspirations, Human Nature draws on the innate connection that humans have to nature, taking its cues from the visual, tactile textures found in the most elemental of floor coverings such as forest floors, grassy fields and pebbled garden paths.

“The more we learn about our natural world, the more we’re inspired to change the way we approach design,” said Interface executive creative director, Chip DeGrace.

“This collection has both brains and beauty, and we’d like to believe Mother Nature would be both flattered and impressed with what Interface has produced, what architects and interior designers can create with it and what beautiful thinking those creations can inspire in the workplace.”


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