In pictures: Hyper-realistic stone sculptures by Jiyuseki

In pictures: Hyper-realistic stone sculptures by Jiyuseki

Japanese artist Jiyuseki handcrafts these incredible stone sculptures creating the illusion that the stone is soft and malleable.

Jiyuseki graduated from Tokyo National Fine Arts University in 1982 and later went into his family business as a stonemason. Nowadays his works are basically hyper-realistic stone sculptures.

He spent several years working with metal before turning his attention to stones. He utilises stones found in a river bank near his home, and he creates sculptures that juxtapose the original shape and hardness of the material with surprising humour and texture.

To make his stone sculptures, Jiyuseki first collects suitable stones from the river near his house, worn smooth by the water. Each piece takes a lot of time and patience to fashion, but the results are worth it.

From stones with tooth, wallets made of stones, the imagination of the artist has no limits when the material used is the one of the hardest to manipulate.

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