In pictures: A look back at the 2018 designMENA Quiz

Only into its second year, the designMENA Quiz Night, organised by, Commercial Interior Design and Middle East Architect  is fast becoming a regular event, the local design community in Dubai looks forward to. Building on the huge success of last year’s event, and jumping from 140 to 190 participants this year, the event attracted professionals from interior design and architecture firms, as well as suppliers for three hours of creative games and networking.

The event held at On 42 bar at Media One Hotel in Dubai Media City was hosted by well-known radio presenter Simon Smedley (Catboy) and his partner Lorra.

Featuring seven rounds, the quiz night included two general knowledge rounds (one which focused on design and architecture shown below) sponsored by Herman Miller; a movie round sponsored by USM; picture rounds sponsored by OFIS; a creative round supported by Cosentino; a game show sponsored by Fagerhult; and music-based questions sponsored by Kohler. Prizes on the night were sponsored by BSH Walls and Floors.

The creative round saw enthusiastic participation from the designers and architects alike, who used plasticine and materials provided by round sponsor Cosentino to create the “building of the future”.

Coming up with some really imaginative ideas, the teams presented a rather futuristic idea of what structures of tomorrow might look like. The winners of this contest were Killa Design, who took home a trophy and prizes sponsored by BSH Walls and Floors.

The grand prize of AED 500 food and beverage vouchers to Burj Al Arab was won by Pallavi Dean Interiors. The runner up position was snapped up by Kohler.

Additional firms who participated in this night  were Wilson & Associates, WS Atkins & Partners, Lacasa, RSP Architects Planners & Engineers, JT + Partners, Bishop Design, 4 Space Management, Woods Bagot, Purity Gallery, Edge, Aurecon and HTCS.

You can also view pictures from last year’s designMENA Quiz night here.


Here are some questions to test your knowledge of the design and architecture world:

Architecture was once an Olympic ‘Sport’ – true or false? 

True. From 1912 to 1948 the Pentathlon of the Muses featured: architecture, literature, music, painting and sculpture.

The city-building computer game Sim City was designed as a simulation of the urbanisation of which US state?


Which of the following is a serif font?


What is the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2018?

Ultra Violet

Architect Lord Norman Foster appeared in the Sunday Times Rich list in position 663 with a fortune of £170m. But which British musician is richer than him?

Sting (£185m)

How many inches are there in a metre (to the nearest whole number)?

39 (39.37 or 39 ⅜ths)

What is the name of the young architect who is the protagonist of Ayn Rand’s 1943 novel The Fountainhead?

Howard Roark

Which design duo created the Arco floor lamp in 1962?

The Castiglioni brothers (Achille and Pier)

Which architecture firm won the competition to design the Sustainability Pavilion at Dubai’s Expo 2020.


What reason did Theophilus van Kannel reportedly give for inventing the revolving door in 1888?

So he wouldn’t have to open doors for women – van Kannel hated chivalry.



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