Herman Miller launches AUS design exhibition

Herman Miller launches AUS design exhibition

Herman Miller

Herman Miller has launched its exhibition, ‘Purposeful Design, A Journey through Ergonomic Excellence of Herman Miller Seating’ at the American University of Sharjah, to be held from now until February 8.

Hundreds of students from the campus, including CAAD faculty members, attending the event which focuses on the heritage, design concept and product stories of Herman Miller seating, as well as a showcase of process drawings and videos.

“Herman Miller’s collaboration with AUS has been strengthened by this successful venture, where we as manufacturers of responsible design products, have reached out to talented young designers of the future,” said Sidrah Shaikh, designer Middle East and Africa, Herman Miller.

“The exhibits follow a time-line journey of task chairs, where each of the nine heritage line chairs are presented with details of its Design Story, Product Story, Designer and Sustainability. The range starts from the very first ergonomic task chair, Ergon by Bill Stumpf in 1976, through to the latest cutting edge design and ergonomic chair, Sayl by Yves Behar.”

Organised by the design firm’s regional office, in collaboration with AUS, the exhibition is housed in the School of Architecture and Design Gallery, on the AUS campus.

Purposeful Design, the exhibition focuses on the design culture and heritage of Herman Miller ergonomic seating products with designer’s videos and presentations.

Visitors can benefit from design process drawings, sketches and prototype images, along with samples of suspended chair backs and parts, to reflect product details and its materiality.

“As a designer from Herman Miller Dubai and an alumni interior design student from AUS, I had great pleasure to head this cause and work with my ex-faculty,” added Shaikh.

“It was an opportunity to give back to the educational institute and communicate to the upcoming designers of what it takes to develop innovative, research-driven design, showcased through a journey of creativity and commitment that went into the making of our products.”

The exhibition is free to members of the public, open from 8am-5pm, Sunday-Thursday, AUS.

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