Hayka designs augmented reality bed sheets

Hayka designs augmented reality bed sheets

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Thanks to a special application using the technology of augmented reality, Polish brand Hayka enters a new dimension with its latest collection of bed sheets. Looking at the bed linen through a tablet or phone camera, one will see how a mouse printed on the bed linen becomes alive.

The main product of the Hayka brand is the bed linen that can be called „a private haystack for your own home use”.  There are mice, a ladybird, a lost coin and obviously a needle – as always in the haystack.

Few years ago designers from the Polish design studio Dizeno came up with the idea of creating bedclothes imitating a haystack. That is how the Hayka bedlinen came into being, and in 2013 for the first time it appeared on Design Open Space – the competition exhibition during Wroclove Design Festival.

The product was well received that the designers led by Gosia Dziembaj decided to market the bed linen, launching the Hayka brand.

Imitating a haystack, straw, forest moss or beach sand, the brand offers bedclothes, pillows filled with buckwheat hull, table textiles, decorative cushions.

The printed fabric goes to the sewing room where it is cut according to the sizes corresponding to various models of bedclothes.

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