HAWA-Folding Concepta 25 unveiled

HAWA-Folding Concepta 25 unveiled

Hawa, the renowned Swiss architectural hardware company, has officially unveiled its latest smart product, the Folding Concepta 25.

Recently exhibited at Germany’s big trade fair interzum 2013, Folding Concepta 25 is an easy to use storage unit where bi-folding and retractable doors can either mask the compartment or leave it exposed.

Today, it stands as one of the only units available where a slide and fold-in system contains wooden cabinetry, while the exterior cover is made of sleek aluminium.

HAWA- Folding Concepta 25 is easy to use and install, and when the doors are open, they don’t protrude into the room; rather they shovel to the side and take up very minimum space.

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