Hansgrohe savings calculator to reduce CO2 emissions

Hansgrohe AG has launched its online savings calculator which shows the environmental benefits and cost savings provided by EcoSmart technology.

Mixers and showerheads fitted with EcoSmart consume up to 60% less water than conventional products. Lower hot water consumption also means a reduced energy requirement, resulting in lower CO2 emissions and lower costs.

With Abu Dhabi claiming the highest per capita water consumption rate in the world last year at 525 – 600 gallons per day, Hansgrohe is hoping to tap into the market.

This increasing water usage across the Middle East leads to the extensive use of desalination and the high costs and energy requirements associated with the process.

The calculator displays water, energy and CO2 savings. To calculate savings, users have to select their desired product from three showers and mixers fitted with the EcoSmart technology and enter their consumption data, including the number of people in the household, the average time spent showering, the water rate and the type of energy used.

The savings calculator can be accessed at http://m.savings.hansgrohe.com/ and works on smartphones and tablets as well as regular laptop and desktop computers.

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