Furniture re-launched for Oscar Niemeyer and Jorge Zalszupin

Furniture re-launched for Oscar Niemeyer and Jorge Zalszupin

Espasso, a New York gallery and shop, will be launching re-issued furniture collections by late Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer and Polish-Brazilian architect Jorge Zalszupin.

The launch of the exhibit will be titled “Compasso”, Portuguese for “measure” which will mark the first time the pieces by the Modernist architects will be made available in the US.

“Oscar Niemeyer and Jorge Zalszupin are icons whose influence on architecture and design is unprecedented and far reaching,” said Espasso owner and exhibit curator, Carlos Junqueira.

“We are honoured to be premiering these re-editions in America because each item tells a story of their innovative design, in addition to Oscar and Jorge’s rich legacy.”

The Niemeyer line features four pieces originally designed in the 1970s with his daughter Anna Maria Niemeyer: the Rio rocking chaise, Marquesa bench, Alta armchair and Alta ottoman and all bear an embossed coin from the Fundação Oscar Niemeyer authenticating their reissue.

The reissues are true to the original designs and use of materials, achieving Niemeyer’s signature curves.

Zalszupin’s line features 20 pieces he designed in the 1960s, including Brasiliana armchair, PO 801 armchair, Circa bench and the Petalas side table.

These pieces were originally made from Jacaranda wood and Brazilian Rosewood, which are no longer available due to their endangered status, so they are now offered in alternative woods.

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