Flooring industry showing positive trends

Flooring industry showing positive trends


The flooring trends in the Middle East are looking positive, according to Angela Schaschen, managing director, Deutsche-Messe, organiser of Domotex Middle East.

“When people enter a new place the first thing they look at is the floor,” said Schaschen and feels that current positive trends are making flooring more important than before, which is why she believes this year’s Domotex which will be held between September 12-14, 2011 has an increasing relevance in the region.

Schaschen admitted the numbers of visitors to visit the trade show are lower in comparison to others in the region. “If you look at the visitor numbers as compared to construction shows, yes it is lower. But visitors to construction shows goes for different things. We don’t have such a high number of visitors but actually, every person who attends the show comes for only one thing: flooring.”

She said that the show adds value to a visitor’s experience by going further just having stalls.

“We have the Designer’s Corner, where we have large posters where visitors can see what a surface looks like with a particular kind of flooring so as to help them take a decision. We also have a creative flooring area where we show people how to actually transfer flooring to the ground without any difficulties,” said Schaschen.

The top trends in the flooring industry, according to Schaschen, are:

Going green
“Green flooring is something that is important right now. Last year, we marked all the products that were eco-friendly with a green sticker so people know that we’re helping the environment. This trend is extremely important,” she said.

Bright colours
Schaschen said, “The other trend is colours, colours, colours. For the last four to five years, the trend was to combine beige and brown, or beige and beige, or brown and brown. But right now, apple green and orange are coming into the region which really helps to see various design elements.”

Post recession boom
“Another trend which is good for the flooring industry is that many buildings are available right now so the owners increase the value of the property by doing the flooring. The maintenance companies then put more value into these buildings. With carpet or wall-to-wall flooring you can rent a place or sell it at better prices. Owners are investing in flooring to increase the value of their property, which is a flooring trend in our favour right now,” she added.

Schaschen said the post recession market in the Middle East looks positive and thinks the crisis in Dubai is “more or less over”. She also added that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are growing markets in the flooring industry.

Interior designers are now considering flooring to be more important than ever before, according to Schaschen. “The flooring is the business card of any building,” she said.

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