ege carpets presents floors dressed in layers of fashion

Danish carpet manufacturer, ege carpets, has launched Floorfashion by Muurbloem.

The collection was created with Dutch design consultancy Muurbloem Design Studio.

“Our aim has been to create a new approach to carpet design,” said Gonnette Smits, art director, Muurbloem Design Studio.

“Each design consists of four layers which can be combined and arranged on top of each other according to the client’s wishes. This allows the interior designer, architect or specifier to change the character of the carpet design depending on the layers and colours chosen.”

For months, the Muurbloem design studio has worked with ege on shaping a collection which offers a new approach to decorating floors. The collection spans from simple and subdued expressions to bold and expressive styles.

It took its inspiration from local, folkloristic clothing. Within fashion, layers of our clothing reveal hidden details of our identity. Like fashion dresses a person, Floorfashion dresses the interior.

“On journeys, impulses of fashion influence us and we put on new layers when shifting and adapting to new cultural settings,” added Gonnette.

“The creative process of creating the collection began with mapping the world, searching for special details and cultural diversities between continents and countries. We found that each culture is composed of complex and unique layers. In fashion, the use of layers is a widely known phenomenon and we wish to introduce this phenomenon to carpet design.”

Since the 1950s, the Danish carpet manufacturer has collaborated with both internationally renowned and unknown artists and designers, among others Robert Jacobsen, Conran & Partners, Jean Paul Gaultier, Christian Lacroix and Marco Piva.

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