Edmong Wong designs furniture to make you fit

Edmong Wong designs furniture to make you fit

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Hong-Kong based designer and architect, Edmong Wong, designed a set of furniture that promotes active living. The “Fit-niture” collection debuted during Salone Satellite 2017 in Milan and one of the products, the X Bench, won Salone Satellite 2nd Prize.

Describing it as a “hidden gym in your home”, each piece of furniture has additional functions, which help exercising different parts of the body.

X bench

Part of the seat can be transformed into a backrest supporting chest and shoulder exercises with dumbbells.

Ball lamp

Ball lamp is the spherical light diffuser, which can be removed and used as a fitness ball.

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Sit-up daybed

After detaching the pillow, the tubular leg supports abs exercises such as sit up and leg raise. The top mat can be removed and used as a yoga mat on floor.

Bars shelf

The bars support a variety of exercises- from resistance band pulling to bare hands pull up.



Break station

Mirror, towel and water are 3 essential items for a break between sets of exercises.

Dumbbell lamp

The carpet on the base plate stops dumbells from rolling away. Extra marble weight plates can be stored at the lower part of the tubular lamp body.


The tubular backrest and cushioned seat edge support arm and chest training with dips of two levels of difficulty.

Pull-up table

The tubular legs support half pull ups which is half the difficulty as a full pull ups.

Wong founded his studio and a 3D printed products brand ITUM in 2014. He practices across the disciplines of architecture, interiors, products and public art installations and is awarded Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award and Salone Satellite 2nd Prize.

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