Dubai International Aiport to install prototypes of “flipped” furniture

Dubai International Aiport to install prototypes of “flipped” furniture

FLIP SEATING, an airport seating concept developed by  Populous aviation and interiors team has been recognized as the First Prize Winner of Passenger Terminal World. As part of the competition, Dubai Airport Company intends to install prototypes of the first FLIP seating units in the newly completed Concourse D at Dubai International Airport.

Flip is a series of interconnected seating modules designed for the demands of public assembly setting; intended to maximize both the efficiency of seating systems and the vast possibilities of reconfiguration to satisfy the myriad needs of today’s travelers.

“Dubai Airport is looking for a seating concept that sows a true understanding of the passenger’s needs and responds intuitively and with empathy to these needs. Populous’ winning design checked all the boxes. The winning design concept has taken real life problems that passengers face and given a simple and intuitive response,” said Bryan Thompson, senior vice-president of development for Dubai Airports.

As more components can increase material and production costs, FLIP uses a single module that can be rotated, flipped and recombined with other modules to create a range of seating opportunities.

FLIP is a seating solution designed around a single module that can be rotated, flipped and re-combined with other modules to create a range of seating configurations. The module is framed with a composite metal frame that provides the exoskeleton to support a high-performance seating mesh that is both sturdy and flexible.

Module Type 01- “Rotating” configuration

Module Type02- “Flipping” configuration

The mesh utilises phase change material technologies that adapts to one’s body temperature – heating or cooling the user – providing comfort for every traveler habit. The composite framing also functions as a conduit for the electrical components of the storage and charging unit.




In addition to addressing basic usage requirements – cup holders, device charging and resting – this system provides carry-on luggage storage within its seating module.

There are two basic seating systems manufactured; their operational characteristics are distinguished by the position of their hinges. The two seating systems can be reorganized in multiple configurations, providing a range of resting, working and play options for all travelers and needs.

09-The integration of temporary carry-on locker storage beneath the seat provides the freedom travelers seek while waiting in the transfer lounge. The clear, polycarbonate cabinet makes it easy to determine if the locker is available in a cluttered airport environment. Operated by credit card or a pass code and sized for international carry-ons, it is safe and convenient to use.

Simulating the flexibility of a “magic cube” puzzle, the two module typologies can be re-organized in multiple configurations – providing a range of resting, working and play options for all traveler types and needs. CLICK TO ENLARGE.

The FLIP seat departs from the conventional, uniformly-arranged “row seating” feel at the gate and provides an experience as unique and customized as the individual passenger using it.

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