Dubai Design Week: “More Sky” rethinks limits of architectural space

Dubai Design Week: “More Sky” rethinks limits of architectural space

Dubai Design Week

A project entitled “More Sky” is one of the creations part of Dubai Design Week’s Global Grad Show which presents a platform to view the most innovative projects from the leading design schools from all over the world under one roof. The exhibition, curated by writer and designer Brendan McGetrick, showcases 50 projects from 10 schools, presenting six themes including: construction, health, home, memory, work and play.

A student at New York’s prestigious Pratt Institute, Argentinian architect Aldana Ferrer Garcia showcased her thesis project – an experiment in expanding and rethinking the limits of architectural space.

“I wanted to explore how a room could be reconfigured to provide mores space,” she said. “I live in Brooklyn where space is limited and when I spoke to my friends they all said they wanted the same from an apartment – more light and more space. Also a wider variety of views.”

“More Sky” is a replacement window system that reconnects city dwellers with natural elements. The project is primarily designed for Brooklyn’s construction and regulations — but is able to be adapted to locations across the globe.

The project replaces existing window niches with an expandable structure which slides outward to provide additional views of the surrounding landscape. Three configurations each provide an intimate corner for visual relief, access to sunlight and fresh air. When in use, the module creates a temporary sunroom, or a space to relax, read and meditate.

Architect Aldana Ferrer Garcia

The designer explained that her project stretches the boundaries of typical apartment spaces to suggest a solution to the constraints of dense city living the moving module re-establishing a relationship with the outside world.

Garcia said: “It changes the shape of a room and provides a new space for the occupier.I have been really pleased at how it has been received. Everyone has been taking photographs and saying how much they like the idea.”

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