Designers turn to Freedom Of Creation’s Macedonia Space Divider

Freedom Of Creation (FOC) has launched the Macedonia Space Divider, that separates the waiting area of an office from other spaces.

It has been chosen by UK interior design practice Margolis Office Environment for the interiors of the RI3K offices in London, a paperless trading service for the insurance and reinsurance industry.

The R13K headquarters offer a modern and fresh workspace for about 80 staff members. The white environment with dark floors is enlivened by red accents created by signals on the floor, dividers on the work islands, the chairs of the breakfast area and decorative elements and finishes on the wall.

To visually distinguish the waiting area from the operative area, Margolis Office Environment chose a vivid turquoise colour for the divider. It was designed by FOC founder Janne Kyttanen and produced by FOC.

Its honeycomb shaped modules, featuring an irregularly woven internal structure, create the wall of the homely lounge area with a sense of privacy without blocking the view and the flow of natural light, flooding through the wide windows. The lightweight elements are made via 3D printing processes, which can create complex shapes.

The modules can be used for floor-standing, hung from the ceiling, fixed to the wall, or mounted between two layers of glass, or in multiple layers for a freestanding application.

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