Creating a haven for relaxation: Trends in spa design

Industry experts from the Middle East tell CID the importance of good quality spa design and new products on the market today

With Expo 2020 on the horizon, Dubai is expecting a big influx in tourism to the emirate. According to Dubai’s The Hotel Show, Expo 202 is expected to attract an excess of 25 million people, creating a demand of hundreds of new hotels. Hotels throughout the region will need to have massive appeal to the tourists so as to stand out against competition. Quality spa design and bathroom design, are just two ways to improve a hotel’s standing in the market.

Someone from Duravit says: “The importance of a bathroom as a feel-good experience has steadily increased in the last few years. And there is a new development. Many people dream of a ‘private spa’ in their own four walls, a place where they can relax and regenerate in private.

“In line with this demand, function and design are merging, and quality has also taken on increasing significance. The reason for this is that the functions and technical possibilities in the bathroom are much greater than they used to be. Quality is not just about the product, but also about the after-sales service in high-tech bathrooms.”

According to Duravit, bathrooms now have to be adaptable. They need to fill different requirements for users of different ages. Duravit lists walk in showers and easy to use lighting as examples.

He says: “Walk-in showers for examples, are becoming increasingly popular. They are convenient and user-friendly while also being elegant, safe and hygienic. Convenience themes such as shower-toilets, or places to relax and sit down, and effective easy-to-use lighting are of increasing interest to customers as well. Architects and [designers] are called on more than ever to think in terms of all-round comfort and relaxation.”

Hansgrohe, another leader in bathroom and spa innovation, agrees with Duravit. Noting that convenience and sleek design are of paramount importance when it comes to spa technology.

Someone from Hansgrohe listed a number of new products from the international manufacturer as proof of reactionary design. Due to the emerging demands of spa and bathroom users, Hansgrohe has released a number of new products.

Hansgrohe notes: “Designers of luxury hotels and spa retreats are increasingly looking for solutions that enhance the feeling of ‘wellness’ in a hotel through the simple pleasure of showering and ease of use. To help meet this demand, Hansgrohe has introduced a variety of spray modes over the years to enhance relaxation and recovery.

“For example, the new Raindance Select hand shower range combines three shower options in one: a gentle RainAir spray, a forceful Rain spray, and an invigorating massage jet and this all at the touch of a simple Select button. Along with this, there is a strong demand for sleek, alternative designs. For example, Axor’s recently launched ShowerProducts by Nendo and Front merge traditional living and bathing spaces to creatively redesign the ‘bathroom’ in a new and interesting way.”

Architects and designers in Dubai are well aware of the pressure to create aesthetically beautiful buildings and spaces that combine convenient functionality with quality materials and ingenious design. According to our insiders like Duravit, Hansgrohe, Flowcrete and BagnoDesign, this pressure is only increasing as Dubai grows into a bigger international hub for business and culture.

Vik Vithlani, sales director, Flowcrete Middle East, notes: “The designers and architects of commercial spaces know that the buildings they create need to combine the functional considerations of a busy environment with eye-catching aesthetics that enhance the customer experience.

“To help meet these requirements, the resin flooring specialists Flowcrete middle East have developed a range of flooring solutions that are ideal for any commercial venue, from spas and hotels to restaurants and bars. These systems ensure a high quality finish that can retain its attractive appearance over an extended period of time despite heavy foot traffic, frequent cleaning and spillages.”

According to Vithlani, developers and designers across the Middle East are turning to resin flooring, due to advantages it holds over alternative options like tiles. Resin flooring, says Vithlani, offers a wider choice of aesthetic possibilities as well as a durable surface that is hygienic, easy to clean and minimises the need for repairs.

Alluding to traditional spa design while maintaining modern twists BagnoDesign has released a number of steam products into the market, such as a range of steam, whirlpool and wellness solutions.

Dan Parker, technical consultant, BagnoDesign, says: “In terms of spa design, it is important now more than ever to be mindful of the issues surrounding sustainability and environmental awareness. BagnoDesign aims to create a serene sanctuary to relax and rejuvenate while ensuring to maximise energy efficiency and cost saving potential for the future.”

In addition to BagnoDesign’s whirlpools and steam products, the brand has also released a number of spa televisions that can fit in any wet room environment and feature the latest in multimedia, from sound to lighting technology.

Furthermore, the new line of Hansgrohe Select products are considered a milestone when it comes to innovative, user-friendly sanitary fittings. The Select range moves away from nobs that can be twisted and toward touch buttons. It allows the switching between spray to be instant and simple.

Hansgrohe explains: “Spa design can be very complex. In order to create the right level of Zen and tranquillity, it is important that designers take into consideration the quality of the products being used so to ensure optimum pleasure, rather than simply looking where to cut costs—and activity which can be more costly in the long run if poor products are [selected].”

According to Parker, BagnoDesign’s bestselling product at the moment is the audio option that comes with the steam room. The audio system works through Bluetooth and can be controlled through smartphone technology.

The products recently launched onto the market all help to ensure that the spa-user’s experience is as relaxing as possible.

Duravit says: “A spa design bathroom should be a spa-style retreat where you can relax, unwind and forget about the everyday stresses of life. Many people dream of a ‘private spa’ in their own four walls, a place where they can regenerate in private. In line with this demand, function and design are merging, and quality has also taken on increasing significance. The reason for this is that the functions and technical possibilities in the bathroom are much greater than they used to be.”

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