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Cover up

Candice Olson, NGC Nafees

UAE: Dubai-based wallcovering firm, NGC Nafees, is launching two ranges in its contract segment – Uptown, a Ronald Redding collection, and Embellished Surface Wallpaper by designer Candice Olson.

One of North America’s most sought after brands, Olson established her own interior design firm over a decade ago and was labelled by the New York Times as ‘the one to watch’.

Working on a number of residential and commercial projects, she started creating interiors for her TV show – Divine Design. Her work has been described as sophisticated yet accessible and simultaneously youthful, classic and contemporary.

The items she creates are meant to follow a timeless style and can be used within any interior.

“It is essential my designs are original, that the inspiration and perspective is unique to me. The essence of good design is its ability to sustain long term integrity — to become classic,” said Olson.

The Embellished Surface Wallpaper collection comes in Bliss, Brilliant Filigree, Filigree and Whisper, Froth, Brilliant Stripe, Sweet Dreams, Retreat, Temptress, Allure, Charisma and Flutter.

“Texture is a designer’s aphrodisiac. It seduces, offering endless visual and tactile pleasures. Bliss adds a layer of opulent, pearlised lustre to engage the eyes as well as the fingers,” she said.

Brilliant Filigree is available in four colours out of which three are from recycled glass beads and one from glitter-sand. Olson said she loved bringing in unexpected elements to any design. In this wallcovering, she has interpreted a traditional medallion motif with dramatic embellishments.

With the next range, Filigree & Whisper, Olson has combined a classic look with a modern touch. “Generally, my look starts with a classic element like this Filigree medallion. The modern personality comes from materials, finishes and textures that create a contrast to the classics. The result is a warm, comfortable environment,” she added.

Froth is derived fromt he designer’s Canadian roots. She said she loved the fresh feeling of watery wispy blues, greens and greys set off by saturated hues for accents.

Designed in four colours, all with recycled glass beads, Brilliant Stripe makes an impact when light falls on the wall.

“Dramatic lighting is one of my signatures and I pay careful attention to it in all forms when I plan a space,” added Olson.

She said Sweet Dreams pushed “the aesthetic envelope”, and well-designed objects are grounded in classical proportions, then interpreted in a way that adds character and personality.

“It is no secret that I adore grasscloth, raw silk and slubby [something that contains slubs, which is a soft thick nub in yarn that is either an imperfection or purposely set for a desired effect] cottons.

Add some reflective qualities and now the traditional textures look modern,” she said about Retreat, which was created in 10 colours.

With eight colours in its range, Temptress was inspired by the sense of touch. A wallcovering in six colours, Allure’s influences come from fretwork, grills and gates.

“When interpreted in a mehndi style, it becomes fresh and modern,” she added.

Charisma is a series with clean, metallic/pearl pinstripes contrasted with horizontal textures. “It is these contrasts and juxtapositions that create a space that is truly captivating, current and still classic.”
Flutter, in three colours, is a tone-on-tone, leaf/branch trail in a pearl sheen finish embossed in high relief, creating real dimension that enhances the beauty of the design.

“The result, whether for a whole space or individual furnishings, is a look that is current yet timeless; fresh yet familiar,” said Olson.

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