China’s “world’s tallest tower” foundations becomes fish farm

The foundations of what’s to become the world’s tallest building in the world in Changsha, China are being used as a fish farm, according to local news.

The 838 metre-high stalled tower was to become the tallest structure in the world when completed but construction was postponed just days after the project commenced in 2013 due to safety fears and a lack of necessary governmental approval.

The Sky City towers’ 2.6 hectare foundations are filled with water with villagers using them to raise fish, reports local site Xiaoxiang Chen Bao. 

One villager has reportedly invested over $2000 in his fishing business while other villagers have been using the area surrounding the foundations for drying grain and growing watermelons.

The tower was first proposed by construction firm Broad Sustainable Building (BSB) claiming it would become the world’s tallest building in a record-breaking time frame of 90 days.

Since then the firm has built 200m high skyscraper known as Small Sky City on a different location in the same city with construction taking just 19 days with the use of company’s pre-fabricated components. These components are designed to fit together like Meccano toy blocks.

Founder of BSB Zhange Yue, despite its current situation, still claims that the tower will be built.

“[Construction] shouldn’t be far away. We’ll start soon and complete soon,” he told South China Morning Post. 

The world’s tallest tower is currently Dubai’s Burj Khalifa which stands at the height of 828 metres. The Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, KSA is expected to overtake the Dubai tower, and is already under construction with a height of 1,000 metres.



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