Cassina Lighting launches Carmencita ‘Christmas tree light’

Stylised in the silhouette of a Christmas tree or mascot of an Italian coffee brand, is Carmencita, designed by Hikaru Mori for Nemo Cassina Lighting.

With Christmas just around the corner, the company wanted a light that captures the needs of stressed people trying to find the perfect gift for their friends and family with three different lamps for three different characters of personality and style.

For connoisseurs: part of the “Classici” collection by Nemo Cassina Lighting, is the reedition of Applique à Volet Pivotant wall lamp, made in 1962 for the first time, by Charlotte Perriand. The pivoting screen in aluminium creates a different beam of light according to different needs. Originally made in different colours, today, the “pivotant” diffuser is painted light grey with epoxy resin.

Playful: Carmencita by Hikaru Mori offers the possibility to change the position of the lamp shades with brand new finishes. A simple yet ironic shape, recalling the 60’s mascot of an Italian coffee brand. It is a cone made with white blown glass animated by two lampshades. Material finishes include: opal white blown glass, shades in wood, reconditioned leather, peinted aluminium, translucid polycarbonate.

From the heart: Corazones, the floor lamp by Spanish designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, has a fresh and warm hearted character.The hearts icon texture punctures the lamp structure and seems to fluctuate in the air between light and shade.

Corazones is a decorative yet a very functional light, featuring a LED lamping.

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