Carpet collection by Nada Debs for FBMI explores the realities of love

Carpet collection by Nada Debs for FBMI explores the realities of love

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Lebanese designer Nada Debs has designed a series of rugs that bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary design through the theme of love.

Watch video below. 

Photography by Jalal Abuthina (including main image)

The ‘You & I’ collection, commissioned by the Fatma Bint Mohamed Bin Zayed Initiative (FMBI), was created in collaboration with Afghan carpet weavers in Kabul, with whom Debs worked closely to create the desired technique and aesthetic.

Photography by Jalal Abuthina

The rug series merge traditional carpet weaving techniques and patterns with a contemporary application and sensibility, where the two forms are literally “woven together”.

Photography by Jalal Abuthina

Inspired by the love poems of Sufi poet Jalal al-Din Rumi and her own cultural background, the concept behind the collection explores the idea of duality which is ingrained in Debs’ body of work.

Photography by Jalal Abuthina

“In one of his poems, there is a line that says: ‘apparently two, but one in soul’, and what I did was that I took the traditional rug and the modern rug, [which has] different forms and different shapes and textures, and combined them together in a way where the two together still retained their identity, but [also] a third identity is born,” Debs told designMENA.

Debs explains that as the two distinct parts of the carpet weave into one another, elements from one rug is added to the other as a metaphor for two people in love whose personalities merge together.

Photography by Jalal Abuthina

The carpets includes six colour palettes and are designed to be of functional use across an array of interiors, seating arrangements and furniture layouts. The collection also allows for customisation in the choice of colours and patterns.

Photography by Ieva Saudargaite

Photography by Ieva Saudargaite

FMBI is a humanitarian initiative aimed at empowering and employing women carpet weavers in Afghanistan, highlighting their craft and artisanal capabilities.

The initiative operates entirely within Afghanistan, including buying local wool to support farmers and using natural vegetable dyes, resulting in carpets that can be exported to world markets.





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