Bluehaus Group opens MEP division

Bluehaus Group has designed its own office with nine flexible spaces for meetings and project rooms.

The design firm was formerly in the Gold and Diamond Park for five years but decided to move to Tameem House, Tecom, Dubai.

“Bluehaus Group has grown and plans to practice more of what it preaches. We have been in the Gold and Diamond Park for five years and for a business such as ours, we felt it was the wrong place to be,” said Ben Corrigan, group director, Bluehaus Group.

“Apart from needing more space and more importantly, more collaborative space, we seized the opportunity to develop a workplace that is true to the business we are. In mid 2011 Bluehaus Group also established another division to its business, MEP Services.

“This has added value to our service offering and customers by bringing an important element of project delivery in-house, meaning quicker, better and more consistent coordination. This has proved very successful and is a growing element of the business.”

Corrigan added the office has nine possible collaboration spaces, flexibility and project rooms for focusing on project of delivery.

“Our people are our most importance asset, so apart from function, we have built it for ourselves. A better way of working, and a better environment which will ultimately be reflected in the work and support we deliver to our customers,” he added.

Some of the projects Bluehaus Group is currently working include; Dubai Airport, HSBC, Mclaren Abu Dhabi, Dubai Chamber Phase 4, Aujan, Koohooji and Nokia Siemens.

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