Binome reveals Le Corbusier-inspired furniture design

Binome reveals Le Corbusier-inspired furniture design

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In collaboration with Archik, French studio Binome has just revealed a new furniture creation, Modulo, inspired by Le Corbusier‘s approach to spatial design.

Consisting of wood and resin, Modulo, features an engraved brass plate and contrasting black and white halves.

“They confront each other,” said a statement released by the designers. “It’s a black and white ‘mosaic’ that refers to the ancient era, and evokes the universe of contemporary art.”

The piece, which can be used as a stool or small table, is available in two versions with the black and white halves alternating positions. A limited edition piece, Binome has only created 12 of its kind.


Binome was founded by Ingrid Michel and Frédéric Pain, and has a large portfolio of indoor and outdoor products that often feature generous curves, taut lines and organic materials. The studio’s bespoke pieces are all made by hand in its workshop in Burgundy’s countryside.

Binome’s designs have been feature at Design Days Dubai in the past. Read about it here

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