Beirut’s garbage problem inspires 5 new designs

Beirut’s garbage problem inspires 5 new designs

Beirut Design Week, Green Glass Recycling Initiative, Kees el Dekkaneh, Morning ritual, Nationmetrix, Power of the nap addicts

Lebanon’s ongoing garbage crisis, which has seen the collection of trash along the roads circling the capital since 2015, has inspired new designs that were showcased at the recent Beirut Design Week.

“Outside this window, you could see a garbage mountain that was about 400m high, just across the river, said designer Ieva Saudargaite to design and architecture magazine Dezeen. “You see that every day and you’re like, ‘I don’t want to contribute any more waste.'”

DesignMENA selects five new product designs, from storage containers to handbags, that use recycled material. For more news about Beirut Design Week, click here.

Power of the Nap Addicts, Guillaume Credoz

Though the lounger’s seat is made of reclaimed wood, its aluminium from is made of recycled cooking pans. Weather-resistant, Power of the Nap Addicts was originally presented last year but came back this year at the KED exhibition venue’s rooftop lounge.


Morning Ritual, Paola Sakr

Made of coffee grounds and pulped old newspapers, the Morning Ritual containers come in different sizes and shapes and make for great little vessels to store jewellery or food. With each one made of different types of coffee, each container smells differently from the others.


Nationmetrix, Roula Salamoun and Ieva Saudargaite

The first collaboration between architect Roula Salamoun and artist Ieva Saudargaite, Nationmetrix was an installation that drew inspiration from the challenges and restrictions of modern-day travel for Lebanese citizens. Consisting of recycled plastic cords, the installation featured visuals that reflected different regions that are either difficult or easy to enter.


Green Glass Recycling Initiative — Lebanon

Established in 2013, the Green Glass Recycling Initiative — Lebanon was founded by Ziad Abichaker from Cedar Environmental. After seeing the country’s only green glass manufacturing plant destroyed in the 2006 war with Israel, with its millions of bottles filling up landfills, Abichaker started GGRIL. The initiative is also meant to revive the country’s glass-blowing tradition.


Kees el Dekkaneh, Waste Studio

Though originally founded in 2006, the Kees el Dekkaneh, or ‘Grocery Bag’ in colloquial Lebanese, is a large tote bag made from recycled advertising banners. In the past few years, the studio has diversified its range and now offers 35 different products, from satchels to duffel bags.

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