Bathroom design trends: all things bright and beautiful

Aida Karimi, Senior Interior Designer at Dileonardo shares her insights into current and upcoming bathroom trends in commercial and hospitality spaces.

Bathrooms are an important element of our everyday lives, and have evolved through time. One of the most evident effects of modern bathroom design is its tremendous impact on public health and urban living. It has developed in parallel to our growing awareness of technology, sustainability and creation of artistic atmospheres.

As our lives get busier, the attempt to explore avenues that lead to rejuvenation, rest and relaxion both physically and mentally has increased. Hence, the shift toward creating opulent bathrooms has become prevalent.

Aida Karimi, Senior Interior Designer at Dileonardo

Today, we see natural themes taking the lead in hospitality and inspirations are drawn from raw nature. The use of natural stones and porcelain tiles awake a sense of serenity as a main feature in design for many hotels.

Following the Zen bathroom, comes along the Urban Chic approach that plays an ever more crucial role in the design trend this year. The combination of neutral color schemes and minimalistic detailing are key characteristics of these bathrooms in current resort designs. Clear, airy spaces that are simple, yet luxurious are achieved through the respect of natural stone textures and modern subtle tiles blending with glossy and industrial surfaces.

All white bathrooms are another trend that we have witnessed with an increase in popularity in hospitality projects. The all-white bathroom leaves no room for anything besides perfection in both public hygiene and flawless surfaces. This modern concept gives a sense of cleanliness and simplicity. The lavish appearances of these bathrooms are designed without having to sacrifice the mood and atmosphere. The use of clean, bold lines, modern forms and shapes against glossy surfaces can transform these bathrooms into an exquisite design statement. Wooden elements are commonly used to offer a sense of depth and warmth within a pure white bathroom.

The use of ceramic and mosaic tiles in preference to stone has also gained importance in creating glamorised bathrooms. This stylistic expression is achieved through the use of tiles that are organic in shape and form to usher a sense of tranquility and harmony within nature.

Another essential component to the latest trending bathroom designs is sustainable styles and materials. This movement triggers the use of recycled, reclaimed and upscale products with a deeper appreciation of natural textures and structures. Designing with a global awareness has become a growing sign of the creation of sustainable environments worldwide. The basic bath and basin faucet are also evolving toward smart water control systems that are not only energy efficient but also eco-friendly, which makes them perfect to use in commercial and hospitality projects, allowing more control over flow and water temperatures. These elements now evolve into ornamental pieces that are not only functional but also aesthetically uplifting.

Another sustainable approach in global awareness is incorporating LED lighting into both hospitality and commercial projects. LEDs are not only energy efficient but allow a free stylistic expression that can be achieved through accent or ambient illumination. It provides the opportunity to accentuate floating or sensing an experience such as being under water. It has also played a crucial role in the decoration of bathroom vanities and creating a more homogeneous lighting environment.

The conscious attempt to create interiors that capture the sense of harmony found in nature is one of the highlights of current trends creating experiences such as serenity in a personalised space that takes us away and reconnects us to our natural state of being. The conscious shift to eco-friendly and energy efficient materials and products is one of the best outcomes of this year and hopefully many more years to come.


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